Friday, 21 February 2014

The Alluring Effect of Perfumes

The fragrance of perfumes is ever alluring. With the ease of ecommerce and internet marketing you can easily get a perfume of your choice these days.  There are many e shops providing you with a range of different products so you just have to select one of your choice. The use of perfumes is not limited to one specific geography but today it is used all across the world. However the taste and type do vary from one region to another, from one culture to another. Tribal communities too have their own specific preferences. Perfumes relate to the powerful sense of fragrance that dominates our lives. A foul odour repulses while a fragrance attracts our other senses of taste and touch.

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As the human civilization made advances since Stone Age, Man found the time for leisure and the opportunity to live a better life by improvising upon Nature. In the pursuit of making a better life and advancement in the living style we as humans discovered and invented a lot many things. Among these beautiful inventions is the birth of Perfume. Perfume making started in tropical countries where humans suffered from constant perspiration. Natural herbs were the first ingredients used in China, India, Persia and Mesopotamia. Historians have unearthed mega factory producing perfumes 4,000 years ago in Cyprus. From Cyprus, it went to Greece and Rome. Perfumes marched through the Appian Way – the Roman roads, right through Europe. The French monarchs hardly used to take bathe and as a result improved upon perfume making. Fashion became popular in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, and from Paris it spread across Europe. With European immigrants perfumes crossed from Atlantic and entered into America.


Statistics indicate that according to a reliable American survey men are not lagging much behind women in the use of perfumes with 72% of the women using perfumes as compared to 54% for men. New York Times has reported in 2008 that as per survey only 15% of American women don’t use perfumes. Ironically one David McConnell who was man peddling mainly books among other sundry items from door to door in 1886 noticed that women had greater interest in his perfumes than the books. As a result he started off California Perfume Co. In 1939 it was reborn as Avon.

Brands and advantages:

In the fashion world it is the brands which are preferred by many and are sold mainly; the same is true for perfumes. As a result you can often find celebrities names being tagged with the brands or at times even used as brand names. For instance perfumes like Beyonce heat perfume, Britney Spears fragrance, Calvin Klein Eternity for women, David Beckham instinct, Fragrance for women, Mens fragrances etc are all celebrity names. Beyonce Knowles is an American singer, Britney Spears belongs to the world of star entertainers, the fashion world of USA is dominated by Calvin Klein and David Beckham is a football legend. The plus point about branded perfumes is that you can always trust them.


Shopping for perfumes is no longer a troublesome job. You just have to check them on your tab, mobile or any other device you use often. There are a number of online stores to help you out with buying perfumes. Click on and get started for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Bestselling Products for this Valentine by

We will be treating our customers to our bestselling products at affordable prices this Valentine's
As you may know is an online store, which offers designer fragrances and cosmetics at discount rates. 

So why wait till Valentine's Day? Order the below mentioned bestselling beauty care products for your loved one for any occasion. 

Ladies, you can surprise your partner this Valentine's Day with an amazing fragrance, simply explore our range of men aftershaves and choose the one your partner will like the most.

1. Paco Rabanne - 1 Million M EDT 50ml Spray

A sexy masculine fragrance with the top notes of grapefruit, mint and blood mandarin. Middle notes composed of rose and musk. It comes in stylish gold bottle representing the power, passion and richness of modern man.

2. Usher - She F EDP 50ml Spray

This fragrance represents power and sexiness, and above that it represents secrecy and journey. At its launch Usher said that this perfume is inspired by frangipani flower fond in Caribbean region. The top notes are composed of red currant, apple bloom and pink freesia. While the base notes are amber, vanilla, cashmere. It is produced for self-confident and mysterious females.

3. Calvin Klein (CK) - Obsession Night M EDT 125ml Spray

It’s a dark and night time range of Calvin Klein Obsession. At its top, notes of pear, cardamom, Artemisia and grapefruit are composed. Nutmeg and musk notes are at its heart. Base notes compose vanilla, vetiver and patchouli. Style, sensuality and sophistication are the characteristics of this spray. Buy this affordable yet appealing spray for perfect valentine’s eve.

4. Victoria Beckham - Intimately Yours F EDT 30ml Spray

A rich bouquet of white flowers, bearing the Beckham monogram, with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals announcing that something different is coming, a must have product for women’s perfumes collection.

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