Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The history of Calvin Klein Aftershaves

Designer perfumes speaks a lot about your personality, they add a charm and pass a positive message about you. Well, talking about designer fragrances, in this series we are here going to share the history of one of the leading perfume designer firms- Calvin Klein.

The history of this amazing brand dates back to 1968 when Calvin Klein and his childhood friend, Barry, established the company- Calvin Klein. In 1981 Klein introduced his first fragrance “Calvin”; it was created by combining the scents of wood, amber and lavender, a perfect masculine scent.

Designer Fragrances

In 1985 “Obsession” for women was launched. The men’s line was introduced in 1986 “Obsession”. Even after 25 years of both these perfumes remained top on the list of bestseller perfumes, “Obsession” perfume won the Fifi award for being the best perfume for women worldwide.

“Eternity” perfume range was introduced in 1989 and both its versions i.e. men and women are still popular. The men’s cologne was created combining Indian grass, jasmine, amber, rosewood, lavender and sandalwood. 

The three major fragrances which are still popular among fashionistas are “Obsession”, “Eternity” and “Escape”. They all created their own success stories being the bestsellers for many years. “Escape” perfume made a debut in 1991 followed  by “CK Be” perfume. 

1994 was the year when Calvin Klein went unisex by introducing “CK One” perfume. This scent is still popular today. “Euphoria” perfume was launched in 2005 with “Euphoria Blossoms” coming in 2006. Before that “Contradiction” and “Crave” were already in the market. 

Calvin Klein has introduced a wide range of aftershaves.  These perfumes are surely the perfect gift for your special someone. 

In 2011 “CK One Shock” was launched which was the messenger of modernity. One thing is sure that in near future this brand will continue to unveil the new line of perfumes. 

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Friday, 16 May 2014

A Brief history of your favorite brand ARMANI

Style, complexity and fashion statements are some of the things which eventually pop out whenever we hear the name Armani. 

Giorgio Armani was the founder of Armani style house. Although Armani started his career as a window dresser but soon he found his ways and established himself as a famous designer. Today Armani has become a global manufacturer, from clothing and perfumes to jewellery and watches, it manufacture every possible thing which are termed as fashion sirens.  The first perfume of this world famous brand was introduced in 1982 which is called “Armani”. This feminine perfume was among the most successful perfumes launched under the label of Giorgio Armani. 

In 1984 first men fragrances of this brand was introduced which was Armani Eau Pour Homme. 1990 was the year when Giò and Acqua Di Giò were launched. These both fragrances have same design. Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme was the next one in the list which was a marine fragrance. First duo fragrance for women and men was launched in 1998.

Designer Fragrances

In 1999, original Armani Mania was released but this woody oriental fragrance was discontinued later. Emporio duo was the next Armani fragrances for both men and women. Launched in 2001, this perfume was lighter and fresher than the previous duo. Firstly it was intended to be sold in limited quantities but due to the big success of this summer edition, this perfume is still available today. Night for him and her, remix and city glam were introduced in between 2003 to 2006. 

2004 was the year when first Armani Privé fragrance, Ambre Soie, was launched. It was very expensive and unlike the previous one which targeted mass, this fragrance was made available in limited quantities. Over the years a number of perfumes were launched by this brand and most of them created new success stories.

Really Armani has emerged as a center of fashionable outfits, accessories and perfumes.  

Friday, 9 May 2014

How Men and Women Shop Differently?

What are the things which diverse purchase decisions most? Here in this infograph we have gathered some statistics and facts which revolves around the shopping habits of men and women.

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