Monday, 29 February 2016

How to Find Inexpensive, Good Quality Makeup

Makeup is what most girls cannot leave there house without! Makeup somewhat works like magic, as is can work miracles! Well, this is if you purchase the right kind of makeup of course However, not everyone has the luxury of spending a lot of money on every foundation, concealer, moisturizer, compact powder, lipstick and all other cosmetics that are sold today. Most people want the top brands which are advertised by models and famous celebrities on television and social media channels; be it YSL, Chanel, NARS, Mac or Bobbi Brown and this is just to name a few. 

Getting Started
Beauty and fashion magazines are one of the key sources to look through for good quality makeup for less; they often have deals or voucher inside, so look out for those also! Also, online reviews for low cost cosmetics often help in choosing the right brand for you. This is your first and best step to finding makeup for less. Online you will find hundreds of helpful reviews from beginners, to professionals. But as always, don’t believe everything you read.

Find a Look
It can be somewhat daunting walking into a beauty stores with many options to choose from. Therefore, to help battle that, it is crucial to start by deciding on the look you are going for, natural, bold, colourful, smoky eyes, bronzed skin, soft peach, contoured cheeks and so on. Have a look through magazines and cosmetic websites to see what look will suit you best. Take into consideration your complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

Try it before you buy it
Don’t always trust the product simply because it claims to be the best brand or looks appealing in its packaging, as this does not always mean that it is. It is always best to try and test out the product before purchasing it. Another significant thing to consider is the return policy, as some places will not give you a refund it the item has been used. 

The Tools
Using the proper tools can determine whether or not the beauty product will look good or not. Using the correct brush for the right type of makeup is one of the ways in which you will make the most of low cost cosmetics. A high quality set of brushes will last you a lifetime if cared for correctly. Using a brush to apply your foundation, blush, lipstick and shadow will reduce the amount of product you use, and give you longer lasting results. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Top 15 Most Popular and Expensive Celebrity Perfumes

Everyone must have one signature perfume in their wardrobe.The perfume you use reflects your personality, so choose the right fregrance while going for party or any other work. Celebrity perfume are always in demand so for the people who love the fregrance of celbrity perfumes and thinking which one is best. With this infographic we explain top 15 most popular and expensive perfumes with the celebrity name with it. So all the perfume lover enjoy !!

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