Monday, 11 December 2017

10 Anti Aging Beauty Tips to Look Younger

This is the era of buying designer cosmetics. If you too have been looking to buy some such cosmetics that can help you look much younger than you are then this article is for you. 

We’ll tell you some easy tips by following which you can look younger than your real age.

Light coloured lipstick

Makeup artists suggest that dark lipstick colours do not look attractive on people of more age. With age the lips tend to get thinner and therefore you should not use dark lipstick colours. Just make sure that the lipstick you are using doesn’t looks too severe on your face.

Right way of using the blush

You should apply the blush in a circular motion and place it just above your cheek bones. Always try to choose warm colours like pink, bronze, etc. They will make you look younger.

Use eye pencils instead of liquid liners

It is a proven fact that the eye pencils create a better effect than the liquid eyeliners. If your eyelids have drooped with age then you should make bold lines at the edges to lift them up.

Use the right concealer

Covering up the wrinkles on your face can be the trickiest part of putting the makeup. Fluid concealers can enter into the crevices and then each and every fine line will be visible. It is suggested to use powder concealers for better youthful effect.

Protect yourself from the sun

We are sure that you do realize the importance of sun protection by now. We would suggest that you should use large-sized sunglasses to protect the delicate areas from the sun and its harmful effects.

Olive oil can do wonders

With age the skin becomes dry. You should use extra-virgin olive oil which has the properties of healing and moisturizing the dry skin. Olive oil works best even for the sensitive skin types. You can halt the use of designer cosmetics for a while when you use the olive oil.

Take care of your hands

Winters and increasing age, both can do harm to the skin of your hands. You should apply a layer of Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly on your face, neck and arms during the bed time. Applying the petroleum jelly on the feet and wearing socks in the night will also heal cracks in the skin.

Use the foundation with caution

Women think that applying the foundation can make their skin look brighter. But you can also face reverse consequences. Therefore it is suggested to use the foundation with caution.

Skin care products should be refrigerated

For better effects, skin care products should be kept in the refrigerator once opened. Also, the products that have been refrigerated work much better than those which aren’t.

Remove makeup when you sleep

Never go to the bed with the makeup put on. If you are in such a habit then it can play havoc with your skin.

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