Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Essential Guide to Men’s Cologne

Finding perfect cologne that will suit you is a bit difficult task. There are many varieties of scents and selecting the one that will complement your personality can be confusing. 

We have compiled a guide that will not just help you identify your fragrance but also how you should apply it without overdoing it.

Types of Scents

Most of the fragrances can be placed under four major categories.


Woody is a perfect manly smell. It is derived from nature. A woody scent embodies the notes of various forest-inspired scents like cedar, sandalwood, moss. These fragrances are nostalgic, crisp and refreshing.


All the fresh scents include refreshing aromas like lemon, sea breeze, fresh-cut grass or orange. Such vigorous fragrances emphasise on citrus, green and water aroma.


As the name suggests, floral scents include flowery notes like rose, lavender or jasmine that merges into fruity fragrances like plums or peaches.


Oriental scents are rich and sensual and are highlighted by spicy fragrances like cinnamon, vanilla or patchouli. This category also includes musky fragrances, offering a heavy note to the oriental fragrances. 

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Once you know your fragrance, you must know its proper application as well. It's not like just spray here and there. Cologne applications included your body's pulse points. You just have to dab a smidge of cologne to your pulse points and your body's heat will activate the scent and distribute the fragrance.

When you apply cologne, just dab and do not rub the scent. Rubbing can spoil the high notes or leading fragrance. Just dabbing will allow the scent to take its own course. If you spray here and there, then you might overdo it and also you will be wasting a pricey scent.  

Pulse Points

* Wrists
* Behind the ears
* Base of the neck
* Inside your elbows
* Inside your knees

How much to apply?

It is an important lesson as to how much cologne to be applied and every man should know this. There is no point in applying too much or too little. Let people around you ask you your poison!

As experts suggest, the thumb rule is that people should detect it when they are within one-foot radius of you. One to two sprays or dabs is enough for the day. The amount should be enough to add to your personality rather than overpowering it. 

Your skin type decides how much scent to be used. For men with dry skin, they should first moisturise the area and then apply the cologne as with drier skin the fragrance wear off faster. Men with oily skin should apply minimal amount as the scent stays longer on their skin. 

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