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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

How To Find The Perfect Home Fragrance Based On Your Interior Design

A pleasant fragrance infuses positivity in the atmosphere of your home. A perfect fragrance enhances the mood by providing a soothing and calming effect that helps in relaxing your mind.

There are numerous tools of spreading fragrances such as diffusers, candles that use oil-based fragrance and sprays that have water-based fragrances.


Diffusers use oil-based fragrances. They use essential oil for spreading aroma. Diffusers also have types.

1. Evaporative diffusers use reeds or scent beads to spread fragrance around the space, just pop the reeds in the fragrance jar and let them spread delightful smells in the air.

2. Heat diffusers rely on heat candles for distributing fragrance. The candle heats up the essential oil and spread it through space.

3. Ultrasonic diffusers use water to spread scent in the form of mist.


These are used in rooms as they distribute scent as far as diffusers do. Neither they use a concept of open flame and hence are not unsafe. Candles are used as an accessory for creating an uplifting mood and ambience.


These are used for faster fragrance fix, they dissipate shortly after spritzing. Sprays are the perfect choice for quickly covering up odours in bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. Buy Designer Perfumes of your choice, a quick fix for all your odour related issues.

How do you pick the right fragrance for your home? Have you ever thought of choosing a perfect fragrance for your home based on your interior design?

Keep reading to buy a perfect fragrance for your home! We have brought to you some basic tips for choosing home aroma.

1. Considering Personal taste

The interior of your home depicts your personality and taste. Therefore, choose a fragrance that suits your taste best. This will help you in creating a balance between the aroma and interiors of your house.

2. Avoid Taking too many Opinions

There is a saying too many cooks spoil the broth. Likewise, too many opinions can be toxic sometimes. Therefore choose a fragrance that has your personal touch (depending on an individual’s personal preference) and functional (that can overpower other smells).

Note: Avoid using sharp and eccentric scents, especially if there are people of different ages in your family.

Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes has a vast range of perfume cosmetics. You can find the perfect home fragrance based on your interior style.  Grab the one online that suits your personality and enhance your home decor.

Monday, 9 September 2019

Guide to Selecting a Right Designer Perfume

Perfumes are the fragrances that everyone wears to enhance their beauty, lift their mood, and recall fond memories or simply to smell good. There are several different perfumes available in market these days. In fact wearable fragrances have become a multibillion dollar business per year. Thanks to designer perfumes, new brands and new marketing tactics that more people are choosing & wearing different types of perfumes than ever before. So how do you decide what fragrance suits your personality best? There are several different ways to decide on how to choose a perfect fragrance to match your own unique personality and style.

Choosing a fragrance

Each perfume consists of different notes. These notes form the overall perfume. There are three different layers in these notes and they are – base, middle and top notes and they all work together to create a specific fragrance. For example some perfumes will be considered floral as they contain notes of flowers like rose, lily, geranium or gardenia. While others may be fruitier with notes of apple or citrus! Exotic perfumes contain spicy notes like cinnamon or star anise. There are several different notes in men’s scent as well. These contain more masculine notes like pine or even leather based notes. It is always a good idea to find out which fragrance you prefer and then check what base notes they contain before making a buying decision.

Test The Scent

Buy you decide to buy designer perfumes, perform a few simple tests to ensure that it is something you will enjoy wearing. Basically try a bit the scent on your skin. This is the reason why most of the cosmetic stores and departments offer testers so people can try before actually buying it. Every individual’s skin has its own unique code of pheromones and hormones that slightly or even extremely change the way a fragrance smells. It is recommended to spray a little amount of scent on your wrist, wait a few minutes and then smell it. Sometimes it enhances or diminishes the smell depending on your own chemical makeup. I t can also be changed if you have a certain chemistry that does not match the mixture of the fragrance. If you cannot shop in retail stores, try a few simple online tests that can help you find a scent that will fit your own style.

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