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Friday, 21 February 2014

The Alluring Effect of Perfumes

The fragrance of perfumes is ever alluring. With the ease of ecommerce and internet marketing you can easily get a perfume of your choice these days.  There are many e shops providing you with a range of different products so you just have to select one of your choice. The use of perfumes is not limited to one specific geography but today it is used all across the world. However the taste and type do vary from one region to another, from one culture to another. Tribal communities too have their own specific preferences. Perfumes relate to the powerful sense of fragrance that dominates our lives. A foul odour repulses while a fragrance attracts our other senses of taste and touch.

Discount Perfumes 


As the human civilization made advances since Stone Age, Man found the time for leisure and the opportunity to live a better life by improvising upon Nature. In the pursuit of making a better life and advancement in the living style we as humans discovered and invented a lot many things. Among these beautiful inventions is the birth of Perfume. Perfume making started in tropical countries where humans suffered from constant perspiration. Natural herbs were the first ingredients used in China, India, Persia and Mesopotamia. Historians have unearthed mega factory producing perfumes 4,000 years ago in Cyprus. From Cyprus, it went to Greece and Rome. Perfumes marched through the Appian Way – the Roman roads, right through Europe. The French monarchs hardly used to take bathe and as a result improved upon perfume making. Fashion became popular in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King, and from Paris it spread across Europe. With European immigrants perfumes crossed from Atlantic and entered into America.


Statistics indicate that according to a reliable American survey men are not lagging much behind women in the use of perfumes with 72% of the women using perfumes as compared to 54% for men. New York Times has reported in 2008 that as per survey only 15% of American women don’t use perfumes. Ironically one David McConnell who was man peddling mainly books among other sundry items from door to door in 1886 noticed that women had greater interest in his perfumes than the books. As a result he started off California Perfume Co. In 1939 it was reborn as Avon.

Brands and advantages:

In the fashion world it is the brands which are preferred by many and are sold mainly; the same is true for perfumes. As a result you can often find celebrities names being tagged with the brands or at times even used as brand names. For instance perfumes like Beyonce heat perfume, Britney Spears fragrance, Calvin Klein Eternity for women, David Beckham instinct, Fragrance for women, Mens fragrances etc are all celebrity names. Beyonce Knowles is an American singer, Britney Spears belongs to the world of star entertainers, the fashion world of USA is dominated by Calvin Klein and David Beckham is a football legend. The plus point about branded perfumes is that you can always trust them.


Shopping for perfumes is no longer a troublesome job. You just have to check them on your tab, mobile or any other device you use often. There are a number of online stores to help you out with buying perfumes. Click on and get started for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Spot the fake MAC cosmetics products with these handy tips

Mac is an expensive and highly popular cosmetic brand. Many folks search for discounted price and affordable cosmetics as a result of which they often end up buying a fake Mac product. 

The problem with so many online trading sites (not dropping any names) is that there are sellers who offer Mac products at very low rates but they sale fake products. Fake Mac make up is not only a bad deal but it also can damage your skin, if it contains harmful ingredients. So whenever you are planning to buy any of the Mac products, you can follow the below set of steps to confirm the authenticity of the product. 

There are a number of fake cosmetic products being sold around the world. As we can see that most of the population now prefers online shopping and they love to shop accessories and beauty care products without visiting any physical shop. This guide will prove helpful for the fashion conscious folks like us, who don’t want to compromise over quality, and who have noticed the beauty benefits of original Mac cosmetics. 

1. Look closely at the product image first: Legitimate online sellers will show a set of images of the same product to set their buyers mind at rest and prove that they are buying the original product. If you find the image to be quite blurred, it is a good idea to ask your seller to provide some more images. If they refuse for the same, then we advise to avoid that seller. 

2. Check the name of the item: Mac products are always entitled with a name not with a number. If you see any product that has a number on the top or in the center, strictly avoid it otherwise you will regret it after buying the item. 

3. Are the fonts bigger? : One more way to identify the original ones. If the product you are ordering have a product name in big fonts that too at the central position, then for sure that is fake. Fonts on Mac cosmetic are usually small and are at the bottom of the product. 

4. Check again the image and name: Often fake products have a cover or image that looks like a Mac item but they will not have the same name. Check out the name again. If it appears to be misspelled, then it is fake one. 

These above mentioned tips may come in handy when buying Mac cosmetic products. Try to keep them in mind while shopping for your favorite Mac cosmetic. 

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