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Friday, 26 August 2016

Some Facts about the Make-Up Industry You Did Not Know

Applying makeup is something that is common with women. While some women use it on regular basis, some of them use makeup while attending parties and functions. There are innumerable cosmetic brands that are manufacturing high quality cosmetic and makeup products for customers globally. Infact with coming of e-commerce, you can get high quality cheap cosmetics online as well. You might be using various kinds of makeup products, but have you ever tried to know about history of makeup industry? Or even better, do you know about some of the most interesting facts about this industry?

Read on to find some truly fascinating and interesting facts about the makeup industry:

It is among the oldest industries in the world
You might not know but the makeup industry is among the oldest industries in the world. It is believed that Cleopatra and ancient Egyptians used makeup and cosmetics. It dates back to almost 4000 BC. It has been established that Egyptians used kohl for lining their eyes and for making the eyebrows look denser and thicker. They created kohl by mixing cream from sheep fat with antimony, powdered lead and soot.

Almost 900 million lipsticks are sold globally every year
Ask any woman as which makeup item she uses most and most of them will answer ‘lipstick’. Lipsticks are the most widely sold cosmetic and makeup products all across the world. For making red lipstick, Aztecs used beetles. In-fact many believe that lipsticks have magical powers. Today lipsticks are available in hundreds of shades and you can match them with the kind of costume you are wearing. For general purpose nude and neutral shades are widely used.

Perfumes were created by the Egyptians
There is probably no one who does not like perfumes. But did you know who created them? Well, it was created by Egyptians. Along with being used cosmetically, perfumes were also used medically. Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship in perfume so that people came to know about her arrival. Now different kinds of designer perfumes are available in the market. Individual designers are making exclusive perfumes for their brands.

Nail polish was patented way back in 1919
Did you know that it was in China that the first nail polish was invented way back in 3000BC? But the first patent was in the year 1919 and the color of the nail polish was light pink. Originally in China, an interesting composition was used for making nail polish. Ingredients that were used include egg whites, beeswax, colored powder and gum. You might be surprised to know that neon nail polish is not considered legal in the US.

Makeup industry is among the highest industries economically globally
If the total earnings and revenues of the makeup industry are calculated, it will come to about $200 billion globally. Leading cosmetic brands make millions of dollars with their products every year. They bring in different products to cater to the requirements of the customers. It has been estimated that women spend almost $15000 on cosmetics all throughout their life.

There are many other interesting facts related to the makeup and cosmetic industry. The most surprising thing is that we use makeup products without knowing that they were invented and used decades back. Infact many such products were made for other purposes as well. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

8 make up steps that will leave you looking flawless in 10 minutes!

Who says that you have to spend hours on doing your makeup so that you look your best? Well us here at Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes don’t believe this. Even though we have all heard this and maybe even believed it. Well we have rustled up 8 steps on how to have amazing makeup in ten minutes which you are sure to love! Also we have put in a few items from our own website to show you what great beauty products you may need.

Step 1- Foundation
So the first step in having fabulous skin is to always exfoliate and wash first of all so that you have a nice clean canvas to start with. Once you have cleaned your skin and moisturised start applying your foundation with a sponge to get an even finish. Try to avoid using your hands to apply it with as it can spread germs and lead to break outs. However if you are not a fan of foundation then no worries! The perfect solution for you would be to use a tinted moisturizer and apply the same as you would for foundation. A great tip to use as well is to add a little bit of moisturizer to the back of your hand and blend in the foundation and again apply the same as described before. 

Step 2 – Under eye concealer
We all hate having dark circles under our eyes so a good idea is to dab and then blend in a little bit of concealer to cover up the dark circles and leave you looking fresh and no longer like a panda! Putting concealer on under the eyes will also illuminate your eyes and brighten them. Although be wary of how much you are putting on as too much concealer can give a cakey look and not the flawless look we are going for.

 Step 3 - Powder
The next step is applying powder. To apply the powder you should use a blush brush as this will allow you to reach all of the small places that you have missed. Powder must also be applied in a even coat, covering all areas of the face is important as we do not want to leave some places looking bare and we also do not want blotchiness which you can get from putting on too much.

 Step 4 – Highlighter

Now the highlighter is the key ingredient to have that radiant look. You can find highlighters in a few different forms such as powder, sheer creams, liquids or light reflecting crayons. So you are able to choose which suits you the best and feels best on your skin, so experiment with them! Highlighter gives you a refreshing and fresh glow which is sure to light up your face. It can also be blended easily. The four areas of the face which you should apply it to is the cheek bones, inner corners of your eyes, on your cupids bow and under the eye brows.

Step 5 – Blush
Blush can go one of two ways, can either give you a light natural rosy look or it can leave you looking like a tomato! However this all depends on whether you put the right amount on. Put a little amount of blusher onto the cheeks and other areas that pop out when you smile. When applying blusher you should use light swiping movements.

 Step 6 – Eyeliner
Eyeliners come in all different colours; however black is the safest colour to use. So it is suitable for day time and going to work etc. although when going out to special occasions or out in the evening a different colour like blue could be used. To apply it you start to draw a thin line as close as you can to the upper eye lash line, it is important that you try to stay as close as possible to the eye lash line. Eye liner gives you more defined eyes that will pop and also makes your eye lashes look thicker when not wearing mascara. If you do not want such a bold line of eye liner no worries you can simply smudge it eyeliner with your finger.

Step 7 – Mascara
Mascara can be tricky to apply sometimes but the best way to apply it is to tilt your head back so that you get a clear view off the lashes and the direction they are pointing in. When applying the mascara try to start applying right from the start of the lashes and then smoothly guide the mascara upwards and off the lashes. Apply two or three coats of mascara, however many you wish using the same method. Now for the bottom lashes, it is sometimes safer to just leave the bottom lashes as they can cause smudging and leave you with black marks on your skin which means more to clean up and can affect the even layout of foundation etc.

Step 8 – Lip colour;postID=3652288758980019558
The finishing touch is the lipstick. It can be a good idea to put a lip balm on before the lipstick as no one wants dry and cracked lips. Once the lip balm is applied, pick out your favorite lip stick and start to dap and swipe it on the bottom lip and then rub the lips together. If there is any excess lipstick on your face then just simply wipe it off and there you have it! Your perfect make up look in under 10 minutes!

Do you like any of the makeup products you have seen in this blog? You can find all of them at our online store and here are the prices: 

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Did you like this blog? If so we would love to hear your comments so let us know what you think and get social!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

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