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Monday, 12 August 2019

Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Perfume Brands

Since Elizabeth Taylor came up with her own perfume brand, White Diamonds in 1991, general reception to perfumes has been quite positive by celebrities. The soaring trend of making a lot of money by actors and actresses through their own line of perfumes proves that the fragrance industry is more than just a platform where celebrities can branch out. It is a profitable side business all by itself. So, here are the 10 most successful branded fragrances.

Heat by Beyonce – $400 Million

Sophisticated, classy and elegant are some of the positive attributes of Beyonce as a woman and she combined all three traits in her signature perfume, Heat. Hints of magnolia, peach and orchid along with the notes of honeysuckle, almond macaroon, amber and milkwood invades your olfactory senses. Its price is $59 per bottle and its demand eventually rose.

Glow by JLo – $300 Million

Jennifer Lopez entered the fragrance industry in 2004 with Glow and marked $300 million in one year. With hints of jasmine, orange, iris, grapefruit, musk and vanilla, Glow boasts an exotic fragrance that is both appealing and desirable. It is sold at $58 retail price.

Curious by Britney Spears – $100 Million

Curious by Britney Spears managed to bag $100 million within five weeks of its launch in 2004. Even after more than a decade it is one of the most popular fragrances. Curious has hints of pear, magnolia, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk and its Price is set at $49.50 per bottle.

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna – $80 Million

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna was launched in 2011. It boasts an aromatic and delicate combination of peach, plum, hibiscus, tuberose and violet. Each bottle of this scent is sold at $59.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor – $61.3 Million

Elizabeth Taylor’s signature perfume, White Diamonds was launched in 1991 and has been favourite among several women till today. It has notes of narcisse, lilies and gardenia and is truly a classic scent. It is sold $68 per bottle.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson – $18 Million

Jessica Simpson’s perfume venture has been more fruitful than her acting and music endeavour. Her signature perfume, Fancy was launched in 2008. It bursts with the notes of jasmine, pear, caramel, apricot nectar, almonds and sandalwood. Its price is $59 per bottle.

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 Million

With Harajuku, Gwen Stefani crossed over from music to the perfume business successfully. The collection is comprised of five different scents, with four dedicated to her Harajuku characters in Japan and one designed to be an individual expression for Gwen. Each bottle is sold at $45 retail price.

Unforgivable by Sean John – 17.2 Million

The masculine scent by Sean John’s cologne possesses notes of juniper, bergamot, lemon, sage, clary, sandalwood, amber and rum. A woman version of the Unforgivable is available too. It is sold at $78.

Antonio by Antonio Banderas – $13.4 Million

Most popular scent by Antonio Banderas contains essense of nutmeg, bergamot, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, mint and thyme. It is highly popular among males and its each bottle is sold at $37.95.

Someday by Justin Bieber – $3 Million

Justin’s signature scent, Someday made whooping $3 million in just three weeks after its launch. It has notes of flowers and fruits, notably jasmine, mandarin and berry to mention a few. A bottle of Someday sells at $65

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Best Summer Perfumes For Women 2019 Edition

As summer reaches, we all start preparing for it. We start taking out sun dresses, shorts and tank tops. As soon as it comes we put those huge jackets away and transform ourselves into a new look. So while we are changing everything don’t you think we should also have some signature fragrances for this warm season?

Well no need to worry and look further as we have listed down some highly recommended branded fragrances for the summer that you would want to totally spritz all over your body.

Tom Ford - Tobacco Oud EDP Spray

It has precious oud wood resin and smoking aromatic tobacco. A perfect blend of herbs, flowers and spice-laden tobacco. Ideal perfume for a day out in sun!

Jo Malone London - Wood Sage & Sea Salt EDC 100ml Spray

It is no wonder that Jo Malone has been added in this list. This cologne reminds of salty waves of marine life and includes hints of sage, sea salt, red algae, ambrette seed and grapefruit, bringing to mind damp beaches and driftwood. The intention was to create a feeling of escape and there is no doubt that this fragrance delivered.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium F EDT Spray

Delve into the world of imagination with this spicy oriental giving harmony for extreme sensuality. It is a trip to the unknown, a gate to a fantasy world, a mysterious and full of sensations scent. 

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Assoluta EDC Spray 

Colonia Assoluta is the contemporary interpretation of the classic fragrance Colonia. A modern interpretation of the freshness, which enriched the original “Colonia” composition with spicy and floral notes.

Tom Ford  Mandarino Di Amalfi EDP Spray

Mandarino di Amalfi captures the tranquil & unique idyll of the Amalfi Coast in this tangerine fragrance. The aroma of fresh citrus fruits blows around and invigorates the senses, the evening comes with a warm breeze and a touch of night blooming notes. The air smells of mint, thyme and wildflowers.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Spray

Hypnotic Poison, designed by Christian Dior is a luxurious, woody, oriental fragrance. It's provocative & bewitching scent makes Hypnotic Poison a sensual choice for evening wear.

Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey Summer EDT Spray

Issey Miyake is a shimmering summer fragrance inviting a tropical succulence within a juicy selection of fruity notes.

Davidoff Cool Water Caribbean Summer Edition 2018 EDT Spray

Davidoff Cool Water Caribbean is the perfect cologne to wear for any occasion, especially when you want to escape to turquoise waters and warm, sandy beaches.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Fragrance trends for the EMEA region 2019

Want to know where the fragrance trend will be reaching in 2019? Let’s take a look at the four big predictions made by Bell Flavors & Fragrances to get an insight into it.

As per the New Year’s fragrance trends renowned themes with fresh interpretations will get very much popular, said the company.

Already hidden aspects of France, inner peace, coral and the new positive image of hemp, work as a colour trend and have been inspirations for creating new branded fragrances


According to Bell, no other country than France represents elegance and luxury and it believes that this will typically be the reason for fragrance in the new year.

The focus will be on the jewels of breath taking landscapes between Cote d’Azur and Brittany with exciting variations of lavender alongside. For instance the popularity of sea fennel with truffles and oleander as plants less used in cosmetics has increased, the company explains.

The former was chiefly found in the gourmet kitchen so far and its appearance reminds of algae. The fresh yet salty-bitter fragrance of the umbel lifer is ideal for not only personal care products but for detergents as well.

Whilst because of the exotic feature the sea fennel is primarily used all alone. The luxurious fragrances of oleander are found mainly in combination with other subtle distinctions. For instance the floral scent with sparkling champagne notes turns into a pleasant combination which provides refreshing notes in day-to-day life. 


Personal care and beauty product creators have been increasingly shown their interest in Hemp, CBD oil and cannabis and according to Bell this applies to fragrances as well. 

While hemp could only be discussed privately, few years ago, the ornamental and useful plant is now increasingly found in the beauty elements. 

Hemp helps in strengthening the immune system and fight skin diseases. It is recommended particularly for sensitive skin due to vital substances and high nutrients and also helps in strengthening moisture balance of the skin. Thus hemp has the best foundation to establish itself as a trend. 


Bell says that products that can provide a pampering feature will become more popular this year due to increasing stress and pressure these days.

In this fast-paced world the relaxing moments have become most important commodity and branded fragrances helps in establishing that inner peace and find time for you. 

Both fresh & little spicy elements are perfect for this purpose and these are also used in aromatherapy. Generally soothing and soft fragrances that are not too sweet or dominant are effective.

Living Coral

Bell says that fragrance producers can take inspiration from living coral which was picked by Pantone as its colour of the year for 2019. 

Coral red with a touch of golden undertones is a perfect combination of the digital world and the natural space. It is a soothing colour that is found in nature as well as has a powerful presence online. 

Saturday, 3 November 2018

How To Choose The Best Designer Perfumes For Fall?

Seasonal changes can be an excellent excuse to buy a new fragrance.  Try some unique perfume with juicy berry notes and riveting spices. While you might have your style and preferences, some of the tips offered here can make you select your suitable perfumes for this fall.

In spite of the cold weather conditions, you can experience brisk activity mentally and physically, while sporting something bold. A perfect choice would be the oriental vanilla Kenzo. This fits well with your perfect outfit and offers a great attitude towards experiencing a sophisticated feel. If you are looking for a unisex charm, then try something like the Manceracedrate Boise. It is made out of cedar woods and some other precious aromatic woods. 

There is no necessity that you need to try the heavier perfumes for the cold climatic conditions. Some people do not prefer flower fragrances much but love to go by their instincts to try something intense but oriental. Mysterious fruit rich perfumes could be the best option. Bvlgari pour femme is a gorgeous option to captivate the minds of the targeted audience instantly. The unique sensual feel of the violet magic can mesmerize the moods of the people around. 

The Best Fragrances for the Fall Season

Designer Perfumes are readily available out there in the market. Yes, anything that is custom made to suit the interests of the top celebrities, models, and icons of the world, by the experienced designers in the fashion industry, gets the name of designer wear. The same theory holds hood well for the Designer’s Perfumes too.

Yeah, it is the designer collections that are hitting the local market too, in commercial shapes, sizes, colors, and so on, to cater to the needs of the commons. The price is lesser compared to the original designer wear, but the designs are analogous to the actual product. Similarly, the Designers Perfumes have not been commercialized entirely yet. 

You can find the variety of options that can suit your budget too but only made by the original top brands in the market. Choose the highest quality perfumes for every seasonal need of yours. That will ensure complete safety as well as a frequent change in your consistent appeal. Flaunt the latest Designer Perfumes meant for the autumn celebrations to create a sensation with lingering notes of the subtle, intense and mixed kinds.

Here are two relevant fragrances that you can try out in the fall season:

  • Flower Scent: The fall season is the season of flowers and a new start. Ensuring the same, you can bring home some fresh, flower fragrances to entice your overall senses.

  • Bold Scent: If you are quite adventurous, then you can prefer a bold scent or fragrance for the autumn or the fall season to represent your personality.

Buy the best range of the designer perfumes –perfect for the fall season! Make the most of the fall season by being at your best fragrance –all day long!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

How should you consider online perfume store for your next perfume buy?

Believe it or not, fragrances call out for a universal luxury. Both men and women equally enjoy wearing fragrances in the form of cologne, perfumes, sprays and more. So, undoubtedly this ultimate liking for perfumes make way for a wide market and therefore there are many trusted online perfume store where you can catch up finding your dream fragrance at an astounding price.

But as a consumer or a fragrance lover, you must know some key ingredients to buy your best perfume. Well it is not a big task as all you need to take care is of following things and yes, you are sorted:

1. Select products of your choice:

You must know what are you buying? Your brand, your category everything should be in your mind before you land to the website or for that matter you can take the cue once you land to the website. Find the wide variety in the store that sells cologne or perfumes and makes the proper selection.

2. Find your notes:

In the perfume industry, notes refer to the distinct scents that can be identified once it is applied to the skin. As a buyer, you should know your notes that influence you. Having a place in considering your personal liking will ease out the later disappointment that one may have if not aware about the right notes.

3. Free shipping:

As a buyer, you don't want to land yourself buying extra charges for shipping. Do you? Well, certainly not. Therefore, knowing in prior about the shipping policies is always a good idea. You may land up paying hefty if shipping charges are included.

4. Authenticity:

How one can ignore this? In perfume industry, the market is wide and therefore there are many sellers who sell off fake products. Yes, the authenticity of the product compromises. Even the customer may not be able to discover the mocked up product as the right trick so followed to deceive the customer. Hence, always look for the standards and beware of the cheap fragrances so available online as they may be fake.

5. Look for detailed descriptions:

As a customer, while shopping perfumes online, one should see the detailed descriptions of the product. Even the best of brands doesn’t go away from mentioning the details of their branded perfumes. So, having an eye on the same is same ways necessary for the customer.

6. Rewards club:

Many genuine online stores run attractive reward club for frequent online shoppers that way. The shoppers can take advantages of some offers or minus the price money they ultimately need to pay using the reward points if any.

Where to choose from?

Considering the rising momentum in the perfume industry there are many online stores selling off authenticity compromised products. Therefore, trust genuine store and one that stands on the list is FragrancesCosmeticsPerfumes for its best price and 100% genuine products.

Next time, you are shopping for perfumes or cosmetics you should know where to find uncompromised products at best price.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

How to find Right Designer Perfumes for less?

Want to buy quality designer perfumes for less? Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes is the place where you can buy different types of cheap and branded perfumes online. At Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes (FCP), there are perfumes for both men and women.

In this post, we covered the list of top branded perfumes for men and women available at FCP.

Perfumes for men: -

  • James Bond - 007 M EDT Spray

James Bond 007 M EDT Spray

James Bond 007 M EDT may be the first choice of men to use on the special occasion. This perfume is as smooth as the man himself. It is a perfume with sophisticated feel.

  • Gucci - Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme EDT Spray

Gucci is the famous brand for perfume. It is woody as well as sensual fragrance for men. It is made of violet leaves, nutmeg and jasmine.

  • David Beckham - Intimately Him M EDT Spray

David Beckham - Intimately Him M EDT perfume for men offers them a feeling of refreshment. It was launched in the year 2007. It makes a man synonym of the fashion and style.

Perfumes for women:-

  • Chloe Narcisse - Chloe Narcisse F EDT Perfume

Chloe Narcisse - Chloe Narcisse F EDT is the symbol of fashion for ladies. It has the fragrance of roses and apricot made with the combination of sandalwood, vanilla etc. It is long lasting perfume.

  • Beyonce - Heat Rush F EDT Perfume

The Beyonce - Heat Rush F EDT was launches in the year 2010. It is still used widely by women due to its quality. It is retaining its young and fresh character. This is the perfect fellow to heat and keeps you refresh.

  • DKNY - Golden Delicious F EDP Spray Perfume

The DKNY - Golden Delicious F EDP perfume for women is the good edition of hugely famous range. This perfume is the right choice for the modern women.

Conclusion: -

These are the most popular perfumes for men and women to use. Select the best one from these perfumes according to your interest and become the symbol of style.

Friday, 27 May 2016

How to Select Perfect Branded Fragrances

Had you been content using your deodorant all these years and never invested in a perfume? Well, you are not the only one in this category of people. Now, that you have decided in purchasing a branded perfume, it is important to ensure that you make the right choice in the same. The market is flooded with branded fragrances from leading designers and beauty care houses. Here are some important tips that will help you in selecting the right branded perfumes:

Try Perfumes Right in The Morning:

If you love your bed and are a late riser, you will have to change this habit for days when you go perfume shopping. It is recommended to reach the cosmetic store or department right in the morning to try different kinds of perfumes. It is believed that after a night’s sleep, all the senses including the olfactory senses get better. It is possible to detect the various notes in the fragrance effectively. Not only that, you will also be able to understand the subtleties that the perfume has.

Coffee Beans for Perfume Selection:

The salesman/woman at the perfume counter will ask you to test one perfume after the other. What happens after sniffing 2-3 perfumes is that the nose gets completely blocked and you cannot make much difference in the applied perfumes. This is the reason, you will find that standard perfumeries have bottles of coffee bean seeds which the customer is asked to sniff between sniffing perfumes. On smelling coffee beans, the sense of smell is reset. Each and every subtle note of the perfume can be understood by this process.

Don’t Hurry in Purchasing a Branded Perfume:

You know that branded perfumes are not cheap. This is the reason it is recommended not to hurry through the process of perfume buying. Do not make any decision just after spraying the perfume on the skin. Wait for minimum 15-20 minutes as in this time, the alcohol from the perfume evaporates and the various notes of the perfume start emerging. Infact good fragrances might have 3-4 underlying notes. Give time till the last note emerges. If you still like the fragrance, you can purchase it. Also while waiting for the notes to emanate, do not rub the area where the perfume is applied as it will lead to breaking of the perfume molecules and no result will be obtained in the same.

Time of Wearing The Fragrance:

You might not know but all kinds of perfumes cannot be worn any time. There are specific fragrances for specific times. Along with the time factor, the lifestyle that you lead will also decide your perfume selection. For instance, if you are looking for a perfume that you can wear almost all the time for daily use, settle for scents which are high on botanical notes like ‘floral’ or ‘mandarin’. For evenings, heavier notes are preferred including ‘musk’, ‘vanilla’, ‘cardamom’ etc.

With coming of various online cosmetic stores, branded perfumes are no longer a desire that you need to resist because of the price factor. Majority of these stores have best collections of branded and designer fragrances of leading brands across the globe. Attractive discounts are also available on the products making them quite affordable for the general masses. Do some research on different kinds of perfumes before you make the final plunge. 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Fragrance yourself fantastic!

Fragrances are a pleasant, sweet smell. They can be found anywhere, from that bottle of perfume sitting on your dresser, to the shampoo you use in the shower. 

They have an amazing ability to impress and surprise, and often tap into our deep rooted memories; creating a sense of longing.  Fragrances are more commonly known for being in an ml bottle, branded as ‘Perfume’ or ‘Aftershave’. They are quite the staple in any woman or man’s toiletry cupboard.

Perfume derives from the Latin word perfumare, meaning "to smoke through” and carries a whole symphony of top, heart and base notes.

Perfume bottles come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Each one wants to be bigger, better and more eye-catching than its competitor.

But here at FCP, what matters to us is giving our customers value for money. Which is why, since 2011; we have negotiated fantastic rates with established suppliers, which allow our customers to benefit from low prices.

Perfumes for less do not mean poor quality. We offer branded fragrances for both men and women.
Our branded perfumes for women include:

•    Jimmy Choo
•    Christian Dior
•    Thierry Mugler

While our branded perfumes for men include:

•    Hugo Boss
•    Joop
•    D&G

And with Christmas fast approaching, now would be a good time to ‘Fragrance yourself fantastic!’ We think there is something quite exciting about having a bottle of fragrance - whether it is a brand new one you are not familiar with or the staple favorite - in your hands. After you have dispensed the spray head, there is a small moment of anticipation as you await the symphony of smell to waft around you and head towards your nose.

Or perhaps, you could fragrant your significant partner, or friend(s). With our brilliantly low prices, we have a great range to suit any budget.

Shop with us today to get that one thing from your Christmas list ticked off. Happy shopping!
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