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Friday, 31 October 2014

The best place to buy MAC make up online

FCP (Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes) is all about looking and feeling good. As an online portal, the brand has not only been providing the best cosmetic and make-up products but also at a price that isn’t available with any other seller. Through years of market presence, networking and relationships with top cosmetic manufacturers across the globe, FCP has been able to present the best rate for its customers and as such is a widely popular name across UK, Europe and neighboring continents. FCP isn’t just about cheap perfumes but the seller prides itself with its impeccable customer service, customer satisfaction and overwhelming number of choices.

Some of the most popular products from the seller include:

1. MAC Taste Temptation Eye shadow – Quad

The MAC Taste Temptation Eye Shadow Quad comes in four shades: stay sultry (deep navy), Carbon (intense black), Naval (navy blue) and Look at the Eyes (light violet). This is a limited edition product/palette that also allows using all the four shades together. “Look at the eyes” comes with a frosted finish upon a pale lilac base. The Naval’s purple tint on the other hand is brighter blue and is a part of the PRO permanent range. The Carbon presents a dry texture that makes it difficult to blend with other shades and needs to be used as the prime color. Stay Sultry on the other hand has a bluish shimmer with blackish purple and with a satin finish.

2. MAC Superglass Brilliant – Fab Frenzy

MAC Superglass dazzles your lips with shine and light. This is one of the most popular lip colors that integrate large particle pearls to refract light and mimic the brilliance of opal crystals and quartz. The product imparts exceptional shine to the lips along with crystalline iridescence. The lip color is moisturizing, lightweight, non-tacky and non-sticky. You just need to glide the applier to wear an even layer either over a lipstick or alone for a dramatic effect.

3. MAC Eye shadow Bitter

MAC Bitter comes as a “vivid green with shimmer” or a velvety finish. This eye shadow comes as a brightened color and features chartreuse green along with matte finish and a warm & yellow undertone.

4. MAC Eye shadow Print – Enviably Fun

The MAC Enviably Fun is designed to present a playful tartan pattern finish that softly glides on the lips and puts on a stylish, shiny and smooth finish. The color stays true for longer and as such the product is offered as a limited edition offering. Make sure you go for the boxed product.

5. MAC Eye Shadow – One Off

The One Off is among the most popular products from MAC. The eye shadow comes in a range of finishes including frost, matte, veluxe pearl and frost. The product comes in the customary round black pot having a hinged lid and the package doesn’t include an applicator. This particular product is among the rarer eye shadow colors available in the market and as such has a huge demand to it.

Online v/s offline

There are several advantages to buying cosmetics online. However the most significant point is that you get to see a wide variety of products and are presented with a range of choice which no single online shop can hold. Of course you wouldn’t be spending your day moving from one cosmetic shop to another, but it will only take an hour at the most to browse through all available online stores. Other than this, online stores always provide better price tags than offline counterparts. If you have been looking for the best cosmetic shopping, platforms like FCP will answer all your demands.

You can visit the website to know more about cheap MAC makeup

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

It's Almost Party Season- Face It

Have a party coming up? Have you got your outfit sorted? More importantly have you got your make up sorted?

Fragrance cosmetics perfumes have Barry M cosmetics, and cheap Mac cosmetics available for you to purchase online. Feel glamorous in your new dress with a flawless and radiant face as your main accessory!

It is fast approaching the party season, so we need the false eyelashes or the mascara at the ready to create the most stunning, powerful, dazzling eyes, to match our vamped up or vintage make up to match our stunning dresses. If it is not all about the eyes for you, and the feature is of course the lips. We have many shades and brands to compliment them.

As we all know when it comes to purchasing some new items to be party ready make up usually isn’t the priority as we would rather spend more hard earned pennies on the all-important frock. Well Fragrance cosmetics perfumes have just ripped that thought to shreds as they have made it a reality to buy cheap Mac make up and other big branded make up online at a sale price.

After all if you look hot and your skin and make-up is flawless, who cares what you’re wearing, you could make a paper bag look great!

Grab your daily essentials such as the foundations and applicators as well as the statement coloured glitter eye shadows and lip glosses, with all the other cosmetics a girl could possibly wish for, online at

Friday, 9 August 2013

Women Love FCP!

Men think all women are about is there, designer fragrances, clothes, shopping, and their make-up, well when state this they may be slightly right.

When a women wakes up in the morning she has a million and one things running through her head and I can assure you of at least two. She will be thinking about what to wear and sub-consciously matching the hairstyle and which make up will go with it.

A girl can never have too much products or make up, which makes it a struggle when deciding whether to wear your Barry m Cosmetics or your Max-factor items. Either way we need to have a selection ready for us to shortlist in the mornings. is a girl’s dream, simply because of the title of what it beholds on its website. We stock cheap MACmakeup UK, as well as Max-Factor items and Barry m cosmetics amongst many more branded products. 

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