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Friday, 28 November 2014

5 Reasons Why Women Makeup

Some women always get questions like “don’t you get tired of decking yourself up and spending hours in front of the mirror doing makeup?” for the onlooker, there could be two possible explanations why women put in time, effort and money into looking good. Either it is to look professional and be ready for their desk or they are trying to look beyond their natural self. Well, if you ask a woman who believes in thorough makeup, you will get other convincing reasons too, which by the way are quite true. Here are 5 of them.

1.    Feeling good

It is not always about attracting other men and women. Sometimes women love to makeup to feel good about themselves. Many would wake up early on weekends and spend hours grooming themselves to look and feel good throughout the day, even if they don’t have any plans outdoors or are expecting any visitors. A good looking and good smelling face lifts up the mood and     arouses the confidence of a woman.

2.    Transforming into elegance

Every woman would love to look good. For some, makeup seems to be the best way to transform themselves into someone they admire. As such, makeup is an art and this creativity will not only make you feel more confident but quite younger too. When doing makeup, there aren’t any limits and a woman can choose to imitate anyone (an actress/actor, other celebrities and even a zombie) or present herself in a whole new persona.

3.    Some makeup is necessary

A woman cannot go about meeting people with dark circles under her eyes. It is both a professional and personal requirement. If a concealer can put things they way they need to be, what is wrong with it? Makeup can erase out physical signs of tiredness and fatigue and people (both men and women) love bright personalities, rather than meeting someone who looks sick or beaten down by her workload.

4.    A way to be more expressive

A woman with fairly small eyes can use makeup to make them look brighter and bolder. Skin rashes during winters can be fairly managed and everyone loves a woman who has a fresh glow on her face. If you ever see a woman with nude glossy lips, high blushed cheekbones and a dramatic plum shadow, the first thing you notice is the way she goes around expressing herself. While some girls like to pose natural, some like to be more dramatic. Makeup is really and extension of a girl’s self and there is nothing wrong in trying to be more conversant.

5.    Showing off

When a man can show off his Tag Heuer watch, why can a woman show off her Nu Skin gloss or a Chanel lipstick? Everyone like to showoff and it’s not a bad thing until you aren’t intruding other people’s space. Further, it’s only woman to want to get noticed and be complimented for her beauty and presence. Sometimes, it also becomes a professional requirement too.

While it is absolutely true that every person is beautiful whether he/she wears makeup or not, looking good is a part of our life now. Just keep one thing in mind: never wear makeup because others want you to look good and presentable, wear makeup only if you want to. As life, life should be all about having fun, be confident and being able to do the things you want to.
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