Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The history of Calvin Klein Aftershaves

Designer perfumes speaks a lot about your personality, they add a charm and pass a positive message about you. Well, talking about designer fragrances, in this series we are here going to share the history of one of the leading perfume designer firms- Calvin Klein.

The history of this amazing brand dates back to 1968 when Calvin Klein and his childhood friend, Barry, established the company- Calvin Klein. In 1981 Klein introduced his first fragrance “Calvin”; it was created by combining the scents of wood, amber and lavender, a perfect masculine scent.

Designer Fragrances

In 1985 “Obsession” for women was launched. The men’s line was introduced in 1986 “Obsession”. Even after 25 years of both these perfumes remained top on the list of bestseller perfumes, “Obsession” perfume won the Fifi award for being the best perfume for women worldwide.

“Eternity” perfume range was introduced in 1989 and both its versions i.e. men and women are still popular. The men’s cologne was created combining Indian grass, jasmine, amber, rosewood, lavender and sandalwood. 

The three major fragrances which are still popular among fashionistas are “Obsession”, “Eternity” and “Escape”. They all created their own success stories being the bestsellers for many years. “Escape” perfume made a debut in 1991 followed  by “CK Be” perfume. 

1994 was the year when Calvin Klein went unisex by introducing “CK One” perfume. This scent is still popular today. “Euphoria” perfume was launched in 2005 with “Euphoria Blossoms” coming in 2006. Before that “Contradiction” and “Crave” were already in the market. 

Calvin Klein has introduced a wide range of aftershaves.  These perfumes are surely the perfect gift for your special someone. 

In 2011 “CK One Shock” was launched which was the messenger of modernity. One thing is sure that in near future this brand will continue to unveil the new line of perfumes. 

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Friday, 16 May 2014

A Brief history of your favorite brand ARMANI

Style, complexity and fashion statements are some of the things which eventually pop out whenever we hear the name Armani. 

Giorgio Armani was the founder of Armani style house. Although Armani started his career as a window dresser but soon he found his ways and established himself as a famous designer. Today Armani has become a global manufacturer, from clothing and perfumes to jewellery and watches, it manufacture every possible thing which are termed as fashion sirens.  The first perfume of this world famous brand was introduced in 1982 which is called “Armani”. This feminine perfume was among the most successful perfumes launched under the label of Giorgio Armani. 

In 1984 first men fragrances of this brand was introduced which was Armani Eau Pour Homme. 1990 was the year when Giò and Acqua Di Giò were launched. These both fragrances have same design. Acqua Di Giò Pour Homme was the next one in the list which was a marine fragrance. First duo fragrance for women and men was launched in 1998.

Designer Fragrances

In 1999, original Armani Mania was released but this woody oriental fragrance was discontinued later. Emporio duo was the next Armani fragrances for both men and women. Launched in 2001, this perfume was lighter and fresher than the previous duo. Firstly it was intended to be sold in limited quantities but due to the big success of this summer edition, this perfume is still available today. Night for him and her, remix and city glam were introduced in between 2003 to 2006. 

2004 was the year when first Armani Privé fragrance, Ambre Soie, was launched. It was very expensive and unlike the previous one which targeted mass, this fragrance was made available in limited quantities. Over the years a number of perfumes were launched by this brand and most of them created new success stories.

Really Armani has emerged as a center of fashionable outfits, accessories and perfumes.  

Friday, 9 May 2014

How Men and Women Shop Differently?

What are the things which diverse purchase decisions most? Here in this infograph we have gathered some statistics and facts which revolves around the shopping habits of men and women.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Tight On Budget? Shop for Discount Perfumes Here

It is quite easy to shop for designer fragrances at discount prices. As always fashion trends keep on changing and many of us love to experiment with designer fragrances. But sometimes due to price factor or say money constraints we find it quite difficult to buy a perfume of our choice. Well keep the worries aside because within the next few lines I am going to share my knowledge and brief information about one of the best designer perfumes outlet.

When shopping for designer perfumes there are few things you should keep in mind or better I will say few handy tips you should follow:

1. Not all the online shops are legitimate 

Yes it is true. Not all the shops sell the genuine perfumes and cosmetics. So you have to be careful while choosing one. There are a number of shops which sell the duplicate products and that can harm your skin. Before actually placing an order, check the product images and look for the additional details about the shop.

2. How to find the right shop?

Well there are a number of shops online offering you the latest fragrances and cosmetics. FragrancesCosmeticsPerfumes is one such online shop which is well known for selling branded perfumes, cosmetics, body care products, perfumes gift set at discount prices. Here you can find the gift sets for men also as they have different sections for men and women. So in brief we can say that FragrancesCosmeticsPerfumes is an online shop where all the branded cosmetics and perfumes are available for every age group. There is no need to look further because the range of fragrances present in this store is latest in trend and best in price.  

3. Enjoy the benefits of festive offers

Yes you can find great deals on your favorite products. If you are tight on budget then a good deal can really save your bucks.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Some Cool Facts about COSMETICS

With this info-graph we are sharing some really cool facts about cosmetics. Designer Perfumes and Cosmetics are the must have accessories today but do you know the history behind the popularity of these beauty essentials. Check it out here:

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Our Top 5 Mother's Day Fragrances

Mother’s day is dedicated to expressing your unconditional love for your mum. Finding the perfect fragrance for your mum is a tricky task. You want your mum to instantly fall in love with the scent and be captivated! We often spend ages in fragrance shops sampling tons of fragrances deciding if it fits the bill. When you are faced with an overwhelming selection of fragrances and an overload of smells all at once, it can be frustrating! In the end you may purchase a fragrance without much thought and it may not be the right choice. On the other hand, impulse buys can turn out to be best buys! Have no fear; there is a fragrance for every mum!

It is handy to take note of the fragrances your mum already owns. You could even ask her what she likes! If you are a risk taker, then by all means be spontaneous! Let fragrance stores be your oyster, ask in store advisors for any recommendations or bestsellers. 

I have put together a selection of perfumes ideal for Mother's Day, all available here at fragrancescosmeticsperfumes.com

1. Kenzo - Flower (Refillable) F EDT 100ml Spray

Kenzo - Flower (Refillable) F EDT 100ml Spray

Kenzo is a classic powdery floral fragrance; lively, sensual and distinctive for the sophisticated women. The tall curved glass bottle represents sophistication as it stands tall before you.  It is a luxurious blend of rose, violet and hawthorn, with a powdery finish containing vanilla, white musk’s and oppoponax. Did I mention the container is refillable? I would definitely recommend this fragrance for a style-conscious mum! 

2. Jimmy Choo F EDP 60ml 

Jimmy Choo F EDP 60ml

Jimmy Choo’s Murano inspired glass bottle is hard to miss!  This abstract piece would sit beautifully on any mum’s dressing table. The fragrance is a modern Fruity Chypre with warm, rich, woody depths. I think this is a great choice for any strong modern empowered mothers out there. 

3. Jean Paul Gaultier (JPG) - Femme Classique F EDT 50ml Spray

Jean Paul Gaultier - Femme Classique F EDT 50ml Spray

This is a must-have Jean Paul perfume!  I love the figure shaped bottle, it stands so elegantly! It is an oriental, floral fragrance with top notes of anise, orange blossom and tangerine, middle notes of ginger, orchid and ylang-ylang and base notes of vanilla, musk and amber. It even comes in a tin can! Perfect for your elegant mum!

4. Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) - Belle D' Opium F EDP 90ml

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) - Belle D' Opium F EDP 90ml

Belle D’Opium is a spin on Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium with its original oriental spirit. The unique combination of flowery, woody and spicy tones creates a truly timeless scent. Perfect for the evening, but of course can be worn in the daytime! Want to be spontaneous this Mothers day? Why not give this one a try!  

5. DKNY - Woman F EDT 50ml Spray

DKNY - Woman F EDT 50ml Spray
This fragrance is a lighter version of the classic DKNY fragrance.  The refreshing citrus overtones mixed with the floral middle tones make this fragrance perfect for the day time and spring. The sleek minimal design bottle is very attractive. It really captures modern living and it would definitely suit mothers on the go!

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