Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Makeup Ideas for Easter Night Weekend Night Party

Easter is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Christians globally. From the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ till the resurrection, Easter is celebrated over a period of almost 3 days. Basically the celebrations are done on the day of resurrection, which is a Sunday and popularly known as Eater Sunday. Innumerable Easter parties are thrown on the occasion and goodies like Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Easter bunnies are made. Some of the Easter parties are done on a large and lavish scale and many guests are invited to the same. 

Day time Easter party
Usually parties are hosted at night, but Easter parties are generally day affairs. Whether you are invited to the church or going to meet a special friend or attending a day time Easter party, it is important that you choose the right dress and makeup for the occasion. The makeup for such parties should not be very loud, but should be vibrant and eye catching at the same time. Highlighting special features of the face help in such parties. And this includes the eyes and lips in particular. Easter parties will obviously be summer parties and therefore everything should be in lighter shades (this does not mean the makeup and costume will be dull).

Easter night weekend party
The trend of Easter parties is changing for many people. This is because many people feel night parties to be preferred over day time parties. It is obvious that make up and costume for night time Easter parties will be different from day parties. If you are fond of soft pastel shades and nudes for your makeup, you can use the same for Easter night party with a twist. A dash of shimmer and glitter here and there can add a spark to the look greatly. This is applicable for eye makeup as well as lip make up. Just ensure that the makeup that you do remains in sync with the costume that you intend to wear to the Easter night weekend party. 

Eye makeup and lip makeup for Easter night party
Whether you are looking for lip makeup and eye makeup, it is recommended to use the best brands of products. For eyes, you can choose from different shades of eye shadows and eye liners to highlight them. For instance, choose pastel shades for the eye shadow and add a shimmering eye liner to give a perfect look to the eyes. For the lips, you can use not-so-dark color shade with appropriate lip liner. Add a dash of shimmer to make an impact in the party. On the whole, the tone of makeup should be subtle, but with some highlighting which is eyeball grabbing. 

Purchasing makeup products from right places
It is always recommended to use high quality cosmetic products for face, eyes or lips or other body parts. It is true that these products are pretty expensive, but there are trusted sites from where you can purchase branded cosmetics for less. Now there are many online stores from where you can buy designer perfumes for less. Choose the right online store which sells authentic cosmetic products at low rates. Browse through wide array of products online and select the ones you like. Read through product descriptions and exchange policy of the online store before purchasing the product from there.

Monday, 29 February 2016

How to Find Inexpensive, Good Quality Makeup

Makeup is what most girls cannot leave there house without! Makeup somewhat works like magic, as is can work miracles! Well, this is if you purchase the right kind of makeup of course However, not everyone has the luxury of spending a lot of money on every foundation, concealer, moisturizer, compact powder, lipstick and all other cosmetics that are sold today. Most people want the top brands which are advertised by models and famous celebrities on television and social media channels; be it YSL, Chanel, NARS, Mac or Bobbi Brown and this is just to name a few. 

Getting Started
Beauty and fashion magazines are one of the key sources to look through for good quality makeup for less; they often have deals or voucher inside, so look out for those also! Also, online reviews for low cost cosmetics often help in choosing the right brand for you. This is your first and best step to finding makeup for less. Online you will find hundreds of helpful reviews from beginners, to professionals. But as always, don’t believe everything you read.

Find a Look
It can be somewhat daunting walking into a beauty stores with many options to choose from. Therefore, to help battle that, it is crucial to start by deciding on the look you are going for, natural, bold, colourful, smoky eyes, bronzed skin, soft peach, contoured cheeks and so on. Have a look through magazines and cosmetic websites to see what look will suit you best. Take into consideration your complexion, eye colour, and hair colour.

Try it before you buy it
Don’t always trust the product simply because it claims to be the best brand or looks appealing in its packaging, as this does not always mean that it is. It is always best to try and test out the product before purchasing it. Another significant thing to consider is the return policy, as some places will not give you a refund it the item has been used. 

The Tools
Using the proper tools can determine whether or not the beauty product will look good or not. Using the correct brush for the right type of makeup is one of the ways in which you will make the most of low cost cosmetics. A high quality set of brushes will last you a lifetime if cared for correctly. Using a brush to apply your foundation, blush, lipstick and shadow will reduce the amount of product you use, and give you longer lasting results. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Top 15 Most Popular and Expensive Celebrity Perfumes

Everyone must have one signature perfume in their wardrobe.The perfume you use reflects your personality, so choose the right fregrance while going for party or any other work. Celebrity perfume are always in demand so for the people who love the fregrance of celbrity perfumes and thinking which one is best. With this infographic we explain top 15 most popular and expensive perfumes with the celebrity name with it. So all the perfume lover enjoy !!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Get Glowing Skin This Winter Season

Cold weather is not fun for skin. Winter weather results in dry air.  Low humidity levels in winter steals moisture from the skin every day. Dry skin can lead to cracking and bleeding during harsh winters, so immediate skin care is required to keep skin soft and healthy. Check out this infographic to learn the tips to Keep Skin Soft and Glowing In Winter.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Types of Hair Brush

Hair brushes are used to shape & style the hair. They can be used to smooth and straighten texture, sculpt and mold curls. Check out the infographic to learn how  you can chose the right hair brush for your hairs, when presented with so many options?

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Perfumes, Perfumes, Perfumes!

Perfumes are one of the most alluring products. Their fragrance defines your personality and people are attracted towards you, fascinating isn’t it? It is astonishing because there are thousands of different fragrances, yet, each one is unique and different, perfumes are something which the majority of people wear and want the best of!  Personally, I believe that you can never go wrong if you are gifting a perfume to someone, it is one of the safest gift choices. Depending upon what sort of fragrance appeals to you buy your perfume as not everyone has the same taste. Nonetheless, there are many different aromas such as, fruity, floral, musky, sweet, citrus, aromatic, oriental, fresh, woody and this is just to name a few. It all depends on the person’s preference hence there is a diverse range of perfumes. Fragrances consists of a concentration of perfume oils in a solvent, the higher the concentration of the perfume oils, the stronger and long lasting the fragrance will be. On the basis of the strength, perfumes are categorized as shown below.
Below I have listed some perfumes that are my all time favourites. I always get complimented for my fragrance and forever have been asked what perfume I am wearing, so I feel that it is only fair that I share my best perfumes here. You can buy all these listed perfumes and get the best deals at

Chanel Chance Eau de Parfum
Chanel perfumes are always an amazing classic, but Chanel Allure has to be my favourite Chanel perfume. This fragrance endures sweet accents that are all the more delicious and mysterious. The Oriental facet sets the sensual tone, with a combination of vanilla and amber patchouli.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum
This is my go to scent and I wear this pretty much every day, the fragrance is just so unique and unlike any other. This intense scent is a floral explosion. This fragrance contains top notes of tea and bergamot, middle notes of sambac jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose, with a woody base note of patchouli with a hint of orangem centifolia.

Jennifer Lopez Glow Eau de Parfum
Glow by JLo has been with me for years and I will never get bored of this aromal! Glow is a feminine floral fragrance that is truly intimate. The scent is soft, feminine and fresh with delicate notes of Lavender, Peony and Skin Musk. Fresh, Sexy, Clean. Glow is a wonderfully sheer floral fragrance immaculate and creamy as a lush white rose and as sexy as Jennifer Lopez.

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