Thursday, 28 July 2016

How To Make Your Fragrance Long Lasting

Having one branded classy perfume or a signature perfume adds to the ambiance your very presence. It is something that people recalls you for, and of course a powerful impression to mark your presence. But yes, going wrong with perfumes may make your presence disastrous. So guys, bring in your sagacious mind while you opt for fragrances. Just one trace of that scent will take your mind back to a particular place, person, moment and you get hooked back to the immense memories flowing in. There are many cheap branded perfumes online that offers great deals to bewitch the customers. However, even the best of perfumes at times do not fill in the space to last longer.

Let’s unveil some guidelines to make your perfume last longer and better:

1. Moisturize Your Skin:
If you are of that sort who are already blessed with a moisturized skin---yes, you are lucky. A perfume that stays longer needs a moisturized skin. If you have dry skin, look for options wherein your scent comes in lotion form or if that doesn’t work, apply an unscented lotion on damp skin and spray in perfume.

2. Make Sure You Apply To Pulse Points:
In the zest of getting ready in full rush, people generally spray perfumes unevenly. Well, you should know heat is something that plays  the role in activating perfume. For this matter, the pulse points in your body are good areas to apply the perfume due to the warmth of your blood. The pulse points are located behind your ears, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.

3. There Is No Point of Rubbing The Fragrance:
Generally it is found that some people after applying the perfume on the skin finds the need to rub it on with a vision to warm the skin or spread the scent. It must come to your conscious that it is a big mistake!! Rubbing the fragrance simply breaks the molecules and let it fade away.

4. Store IT Right:
You must know that keeping your perfume in direct contact of light, heat and humidity is not a good sign for your expensive fragrance. This may reduce the fragrance of the perfume breaking down the compounds in the perfume. Make sure you keep your expensive perfumes out of the bathrooms as the heat generated after bath and showers may affect the fragrance.

5. Always Apply Perfume Before Dressing:
A perfume is always effective when it is in contact with the skin rather than the clothes. On the worst side, it may damage or stain some fabrics even. So, make sure you go ahead and apply before you are dressing up. It counts and let it stay longer.
Isn't it a great way to make it lasting all day long?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How to Get Party-Perfect Nails in No Time

Tips on getting party-perfect Nails

Gone are the days when women would remain confined in their homes and have no connection whatsoever with the outer world. Now women go out for work, enjoy in parties, attend office dos and also go for social and cocktail events. Their exposure to the outer world has increased manifold times. And that has definitely given their confidence the most needed boost.

Making preparations for attending social parties and events

To become ready for parties, get together and other social gatherings and events, women start making preparations from quite a while. They keep on planning about the costumes that they will wear at the party, the kind of makeup that they will do, the hairstyle that will suit with the dress and most importantly the accessories that will be in sync with the whole ensemble. All these will help in making one look beautiful and gorgeous and draw eyeballs at the party.

However, one thing that is ignored by many is the nails. Having beautiful, well-maintained nails can make a great impact. Proper nail care helps in reinvigorating the looks and pulls up an ensemble considerably. But for this you will need little time and patience and some preparations as well with proper nail accessories.

Effective tips on getting party-perfect nails in no time at all

·         Protection and pampering for nails–Moisturising hand creams are used commonly by women to keep the hands soft and supple. Along with the hands, the nails also require caring and pampering and protection at the same time. If they are not taken care of they will break, chip, flake or split. Special cuticle oils are available, which have vital nutrients and vitamins for healthy nail growth. There are other treatments available for making the nails robust and strong.

·         Shaping followed by filing–You may have strong nails, but until you file and shape them they will not look beautiful. Instead of the traditional curved nail shape, try the square shape by squaring the sides off. For making the nails look trim and beautiful, remove the dead skin cells from the corners of the nails with the help of a cuticle trimmer.

·         Buffing for better looking nails–When you are preparing your nails for the party, you have to go out of your way to maintain the same. With buffing cracking and splitting of the nails can be avoided and their appearance can be improved as well. Majority of buffers come with different surfaces and the coarseness vary from one another. Use each grade for the buffing one by one and get shiny and glossy finish to the nails.

·         The very important first coat–It is from this point that Nail polish accessories come into picture. Instead of using dark and highly saturated nail polish shades, apply a base coat initially. The dark shades can stain the nails and next time getting the perfect nail style might become difficult. Use a white or a clear nail polish for the base. For a party, apply a striking red shade on the top and let the tip of the nail remain white. It makes a perfect nail art for parties.

·         Using shades that match with the attire for the party–Nail polishes in deep shades and glitter nail tips are ideal for parties. Choose the shade of the nail paint depending upon the costume that you will wear for the party. And make it bold and bright so that it stands out.

Leading cosmetic brands of the world have brilliant nail paints in varying hues and shades. Choose the colours and paint your nails in the best shades!

Monday, 6 June 2016

How to Keep Skin Healthy and Younger in Spring with These Tips

Your skin can't just look good in every season, you have to take care of your skin in every season whether it is cold or hot weather. Without the proper care your skin will become dull, dry which may lead to cracking. To keep your skin healthy and look better in this season we have gathered list of useful tips to help you with the skin caring. Try out these tips and share your experience with us!

Friday, 27 May 2016

How to Select Perfect Branded Fragrances

Had you been content using your deodorant all these years and never invested in a perfume? Well, you are not the only one in this category of people. Now, that you have decided in purchasing a branded perfume, it is important to ensure that you make the right choice in the same. The market is flooded with branded fragrances from leading designers and beauty care houses. Here are some important tips that will help you in selecting the right branded perfumes:

Try Perfumes Right in The Morning:

If you love your bed and are a late riser, you will have to change this habit for days when you go perfume shopping. It is recommended to reach the cosmetic store or department right in the morning to try different kinds of perfumes. It is believed that after a night’s sleep, all the senses including the olfactory senses get better. It is possible to detect the various notes in the fragrance effectively. Not only that, you will also be able to understand the subtleties that the perfume has.

Coffee Beans for Perfume Selection:

The salesman/woman at the perfume counter will ask you to test one perfume after the other. What happens after sniffing 2-3 perfumes is that the nose gets completely blocked and you cannot make much difference in the applied perfumes. This is the reason, you will find that standard perfumeries have bottles of coffee bean seeds which the customer is asked to sniff between sniffing perfumes. On smelling coffee beans, the sense of smell is reset. Each and every subtle note of the perfume can be understood by this process.

Don’t Hurry in Purchasing a Branded Perfume:

You know that branded perfumes are not cheap. This is the reason it is recommended not to hurry through the process of perfume buying. Do not make any decision just after spraying the perfume on the skin. Wait for minimum 15-20 minutes as in this time, the alcohol from the perfume evaporates and the various notes of the perfume start emerging. Infact good fragrances might have 3-4 underlying notes. Give time till the last note emerges. If you still like the fragrance, you can purchase it. Also while waiting for the notes to emanate, do not rub the area where the perfume is applied as it will lead to breaking of the perfume molecules and no result will be obtained in the same.

Time of Wearing The Fragrance:

You might not know but all kinds of perfumes cannot be worn any time. There are specific fragrances for specific times. Along with the time factor, the lifestyle that you lead will also decide your perfume selection. For instance, if you are looking for a perfume that you can wear almost all the time for daily use, settle for scents which are high on botanical notes like ‘floral’ or ‘mandarin’. For evenings, heavier notes are preferred including ‘musk’, ‘vanilla’, ‘cardamom’ etc.

With coming of various online cosmetic stores, branded perfumes are no longer a desire that you need to resist because of the price factor. Majority of these stores have best collections of branded and designer fragrances of leading brands across the globe. Attractive discounts are also available on the products making them quite affordable for the general masses. Do some research on different kinds of perfumes before you make the final plunge. 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Spring Perfumes for Women

The spring season is one of the most beautiful seasons. It is the season of new beginnings and new growths. All trees have new, green leaves on them after the somber and cold winters. The whole atmosphere has a very warm and welcoming ambience. It is the season of new blooms, of freshness and of happiness.

Fragrances for the spring season for women
There are innumerable perfumes available in the market for the spring season exclusively. These perfumes characterize the season and impart that fresh and happy feeling to the wearer. Usually perfumes that are fresh and light are the best choices for the spring season. Infact these perfumes can be used easily during any transitional phases, which extend to the early summer months as well. 

Fragrances for the spring season for women

If you are planning to purchase spring fragrances for yourself or for gifting to others, the best thing to do is to look for them in the various online stores, which deal with authentic yet cheap perfumes for women. You can choose from your preferred brand or browse through different fragrances and read their descriptions to understand the kind of fragrance it will emanate. Also read through reviews of the product before making the final purchase. 

Ideal ingredients for spring fragrances for women
Linen and grass fragrances seem to be extremely suitable for sprig perfumes. Fragrances belonging to the fruity or floral family are high in demands during the spring season. Cherry blossom, lavender and rose fragrances are also highly suited for the spring season. Having a floral top note in the perfume during spring season is good.

Mentioned below are some great fragrances for spring for women:

Citrus scents – Citrus perfumes have a very clean and crisp fragrance. Perfumes with orange and lemon fragrances are a great hit during the spring season. The best combination for citrus perfumes is having floral base notes and light spice top notes like mint. The crispness and freshness of such perfumes is simply great.

Lighter woods – Woody flavors are a favorite with many women. For spring, it is recommended to stick to lighter choices like rosewood and sandalwood. They impart a fresh feeling when applied.

Floral perfumes – Floral scents are always a hot favorite with women in almost all seasons and more so in the spring season. These perfumes are very light but very fresh and symbolize the season well. Women who like understated perfumes buy rose and lavender fragrances. Again women who like intense and strong spring scents prefer buying fragrances of jasmine and cherry blossom. The strength of the perfume varies from one individual to another.

Musk for spring – For wearing a perfume in the evening during spring, light musk fragrances are excellent. White musk perfume is the best choice in this regard. Other musks will be too strong for the spring season.

Spice perfumes – For spring wear, there are many spice based perfumes for women. Look for light spices for this season including bay leaves and mint. Refrain from using scents of cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon as they are too strong for spring.
Along with these fragrances, many women have fetish or oriental perfumes, but they are just not right for spring. However, for evening wear, light oriental fragrances can be used during spring season. Once the perfume ingredient is chosen, it is now time to choose the right strength of the fragrance for best results.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Makeup Ideas for Easter Night Weekend Night Party

Easter is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Christians globally. From the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ till the resurrection, Easter is celebrated over a period of almost 3 days. Basically the celebrations are done on the day of resurrection, which is a Sunday and popularly known as Eater Sunday. Innumerable Easter parties are thrown on the occasion and goodies like Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Easter bunnies are made. Some of the Easter parties are done on a large and lavish scale and many guests are invited to the same. 

Day time Easter party
Usually parties are hosted at night, but Easter parties are generally day affairs. Whether you are invited to the church or going to meet a special friend or attending a day time Easter party, it is important that you choose the right dress and makeup for the occasion. The makeup for such parties should not be very loud, but should be vibrant and eye catching at the same time. Highlighting special features of the face help in such parties. And this includes the eyes and lips in particular. Easter parties will obviously be summer parties and therefore everything should be in lighter shades (this does not mean the makeup and costume will be dull).

Easter night weekend party
The trend of Easter parties is changing for many people. This is because many people feel night parties to be preferred over day time parties. It is obvious that make up and costume for night time Easter parties will be different from day parties. If you are fond of soft pastel shades and nudes for your makeup, you can use the same for Easter night party with a twist. A dash of shimmer and glitter here and there can add a spark to the look greatly. This is applicable for eye makeup as well as lip make up. Just ensure that the makeup that you do remains in sync with the costume that you intend to wear to the Easter night weekend party. 

Eye makeup and lip makeup for Easter night party
Whether you are looking for lip makeup and eye makeup, it is recommended to use the best brands of products. For eyes, you can choose from different shades of eye shadows and eye liners to highlight them. For instance, choose pastel shades for the eye shadow and add a shimmering eye liner to give a perfect look to the eyes. For the lips, you can use not-so-dark color shade with appropriate lip liner. Add a dash of shimmer to make an impact in the party. On the whole, the tone of makeup should be subtle, but with some highlighting which is eyeball grabbing. 

Purchasing makeup products from right places
It is always recommended to use high quality cosmetic products for face, eyes or lips or other body parts. It is true that these products are pretty expensive, but there are trusted sites from where you can purchase branded cosmetics for less. Now there are many online stores from where you can buy designer perfumes for less. Choose the right online store which sells authentic cosmetic products at low rates. Browse through wide array of products online and select the ones you like. Read through product descriptions and exchange policy of the online store before purchasing the product from there.

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