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What does your perfume say about your personality?

It is aptly stated, "Let your scent spread the influence”. Just like your clothes, music and favorite ale, your preference for fragrance says a lot about you.

The sophisticated, feminine and appealing fragrance has the power to reveal your discerning taste.

Read us till the end to learn about what your fragrance says about you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get going!

What your fragrance says about your personality?

Let’s dig into some informative knowledge-

It is aptly stated, “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable and ultimate accessory."

Depending on the fragrance you put on, it can reveal many things about your personality. A fragrance can be sexy, romantic, daring, playful and subtle. It can also be OTT, suffocating, irksome and a turn-off some times.

Just like a picture speaks a thousand words, your coveted scent can convey a lot about you.

The designer fragrances are considered as the celebrity fragrances because of their huge popularity among the masses. 


If the pleasant fragrance of gardenia, lily, and jasmine appeals to you, then undoubtedly you’re a floral admirer! A down to earth, carefree and outgoing person loves to put on a floral scent.
Well, floral is a mainstream fragrance amongst women. Floral is odd and unpopular among men.


This is also recognized as Amber fragrance. It is an exclusive concoction of warmth and sensuality. If you are inclined to sniff and sprinkle oriental fragrance then you’re a brave, heroic and gallant soul who loves challenges and is naturally bold.

The oriental fragrance fanatics are enthusiastic, intense and have a flair for art.


People who have a high reverence for craftsmanship, and appreciate originality and chase out of the ordinary, boutique fragrances are crafted for such creative individuals. Wear a boutique fragrance to stand apart from the mainstream scent lovers.

Sporty Fragrance

Sports designer perfumes are designed for athletes who have a dynamic and energetic personality. Typically, sports fragrances are uplifting and rejuvenating, designed for the adrenaline junkie in you.


Tantalizing designer fragrances are not merely for smelling fresh and stay peppy throughout the day but are strongly evolving as a statement accessory in your closet. 

Hope it has been an amazing read J

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Some Best Perfume Gift Sets Ideas For Your Friends

Gifting someone a little bottle of fragrance is a thoughtful way of showing affection and care. Perfumes indeed make a perfect gift for both men and women, to our dear ones and acquaintances. These pretty Lil bottles come in beautiful and attractive packaging.

The aromatic perfume gift sets are fancy enough to woo the most discerning recipient. So, whether you are a connoisseur of fine fragrance or cologne junkie looking for the cheap perfumes gift sets?

This guide will be of great help!

Read on to learn about some amazing perfume gift sets ideas for your friends.

Browse through the wide range of fragrances at Fragrance Cosmetics Perfumes.         

Hey, fragrance aesthete, do you know about amazing fragrance gift sets to gift your dear ones who will profusely thank you for the rest of the year.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Needless to state, Chanel is the brand that has been around for decades and adored by women generation after generation. The fragrance smells wonderful. Your loved one will probably fetch compliments after wearing this pleasant fragrance. The fragrance is truly one-of-a-kind and a bit mysterious. It is a women’s fragrance.

Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) - Dawn - The Lovely

This one is a pleasant and fresh fragrance inspired by morning, sunrise and the first sun rays. You can gift this aromatic scent to your lady love. Pick a Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance that is quintessentially mesmerising. The best thing about this scent is not overpowering, it is recognisable and everlasting. The scent consists of woody and citruses notes. The fragrance advances further with notes of apple martini, paperwhites, and orchids.

It is perfectly lovely, not too OTT, too brawny just refreshing and enchanting.

Yardley London Gentlemen Adventure perfume

There are ample designer fragrances for him, but truly amazing are those smells out of the ordinary. It is aptly stated Men judge’s fragrances in the way they do cars. The unique fragrance supported with a hint of white chocolate lasts throughout the day. Perfectly curated for a true gentleman!

Marc Jacobs, Decadence

What a sensual fragrance it is! Trust me; it makes a perfect gift and is ideal for the bold and beautiful woman who makes her own rules. The scent is ultimate in feminine glamour and savoir-faire.

Bottom Line

The scent has the efficacy to influence mood. Gifting your loved ones a fragrance set is a gesture of affection. Also, it is something that people don’t purchase often. Fine fragrances always keep us in a better mood.

At Fragrance Cosmetics Perfumes, you can explore and buy an amazing collection of perfume gift sets for him and her.

Hope it has been an informative read J

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Cheap Perfumes That Smell More Expensive Than They Are

Like a designer amalgamates different designs and colours and comes up with an ideal outfit or a chef blends various ingredients to make a dish, a combination of various essential oils is mixed by a perfumer to create an astonishing aroma.

Originated in Egypt, spread throughout the globe, began to be produced commercially in Paris and started to be known as Perfume.

Fragrance stimulates emotions and memories. Some have their signature, some love to experiment. Perhaps finding cheap fragrances is indeed a daunting task. Fragrances evoke fond memories, boost your mood or simply help you smell pleasant. Myriad perfumes and colognes are trending in the market today.

cheap fragrances

Chanel, Dior, Armani, Marc Jacobs, Gaultier are the big names with high prices, they smell dazzlingly good.

Hey, but do you know about those Cheap perfumes brands that smell heavenly? If not, let's find some:

1. Agent Provocateur: This fragrance blends pure Saffron oil, Coriander, Rose oil, Indian Jasmine, Vetiver, Magnolia oil, amber and musk. The scent has a very lively and divine aroma. It will leave a striking impression wherever you go.

2. Boss Bottled Intense by Hugo Boss: This mesmerising perfume has a base composition of sandalwood, cedar and vetiver, along with vanilla. The long-lasting scent harbours a top note of fresh apple and bergamot blossom that create magic and instant fascination, a heart note of Clove and cinnamon together with geranium.

3. She Wood Perfume by Dsquared2: The perfume with earthy fragrance, primarily aimed for women who love wearing men’s perfume. In this aromatic creation lemon, neroli and jasmine are mixed with an appealing blend of violet, heliotrope and musk.

4. Davidoff - Horizon Extreme: This amazing ground-breaking fragrance is composed of grapefruit and ginger in contrast with rosemary, and the composition of top notes of cedar, cypriol, leather and nutmeg.

“Keep Smelling Pleasant forever” 

Monday, 9 September 2019

Guide to Selecting a Right Designer Perfume

Perfumes are the fragrances that everyone wears to enhance their beauty, lift their mood, and recall fond memories or simply to smell good. There are several different perfumes available in market these days. In fact wearable fragrances have become a multibillion dollar business per year. Thanks to designer perfumes, new brands and new marketing tactics that more people are choosing & wearing different types of perfumes than ever before. So how do you decide what fragrance suits your personality best? There are several different ways to decide on how to choose a perfect fragrance to match your own unique personality and style.

Choosing a fragrance

Each perfume consists of different notes. These notes form the overall perfume. There are three different layers in these notes and they are – base, middle and top notes and they all work together to create a specific fragrance. For example some perfumes will be considered floral as they contain notes of flowers like rose, lily, geranium or gardenia. While others may be fruitier with notes of apple or citrus! Exotic perfumes contain spicy notes like cinnamon or star anise. There are several different notes in men’s scent as well. These contain more masculine notes like pine or even leather based notes. It is always a good idea to find out which fragrance you prefer and then check what base notes they contain before making a buying decision.

Test The Scent

Buy you decide to buy designer perfumes, perform a few simple tests to ensure that it is something you will enjoy wearing. Basically try a bit the scent on your skin. This is the reason why most of the cosmetic stores and departments offer testers so people can try before actually buying it. Every individual’s skin has its own unique code of pheromones and hormones that slightly or even extremely change the way a fragrance smells. It is recommended to spray a little amount of scent on your wrist, wait a few minutes and then smell it. Sometimes it enhances or diminishes the smell depending on your own chemical makeup. I t can also be changed if you have a certain chemistry that does not match the mixture of the fragrance. If you cannot shop in retail stores, try a few simple online tests that can help you find a scent that will fit your own style.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Perfume Brands

Since Elizabeth Taylor came up with her own perfume brand, White Diamonds in 1991, general reception to perfumes has been quite positive by celebrities. The soaring trend of making a lot of money by actors and actresses through their own line of perfumes proves that the fragrance industry is more than just a platform where celebrities can branch out. It is a profitable side business all by itself. So, here are the 10 most successful branded fragrances.

Heat by Beyonce – $400 Million

Sophisticated, classy and elegant are some of the positive attributes of Beyonce as a woman and she combined all three traits in her signature perfume, Heat. Hints of magnolia, peach and orchid along with the notes of honeysuckle, almond macaroon, amber and milkwood invades your olfactory senses. Its price is $59 per bottle and its demand eventually rose.

Glow by JLo – $300 Million

Jennifer Lopez entered the fragrance industry in 2004 with Glow and marked $300 million in one year. With hints of jasmine, orange, iris, grapefruit, musk and vanilla, Glow boasts an exotic fragrance that is both appealing and desirable. It is sold at $58 retail price.

Curious by Britney Spears – $100 Million

Curious by Britney Spears managed to bag $100 million within five weeks of its launch in 2004. Even after more than a decade it is one of the most popular fragrances. Curious has hints of pear, magnolia, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk and its Price is set at $49.50 per bottle.

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna – $80 Million

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna was launched in 2011. It boasts an aromatic and delicate combination of peach, plum, hibiscus, tuberose and violet. Each bottle of this scent is sold at $59.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor – $61.3 Million

Elizabeth Taylor’s signature perfume, White Diamonds was launched in 1991 and has been favourite among several women till today. It has notes of narcisse, lilies and gardenia and is truly a classic scent. It is sold $68 per bottle.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson – $18 Million

Jessica Simpson’s perfume venture has been more fruitful than her acting and music endeavour. Her signature perfume, Fancy was launched in 2008. It bursts with the notes of jasmine, pear, caramel, apricot nectar, almonds and sandalwood. Its price is $59 per bottle.

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 Million

With Harajuku, Gwen Stefani crossed over from music to the perfume business successfully. The collection is comprised of five different scents, with four dedicated to her Harajuku characters in Japan and one designed to be an individual expression for Gwen. Each bottle is sold at $45 retail price.

Unforgivable by Sean John – 17.2 Million

The masculine scent by Sean John’s cologne possesses notes of juniper, bergamot, lemon, sage, clary, sandalwood, amber and rum. A woman version of the Unforgivable is available too. It is sold at $78.

Antonio by Antonio Banderas – $13.4 Million

Most popular scent by Antonio Banderas contains essense of nutmeg, bergamot, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, mint and thyme. It is highly popular among males and its each bottle is sold at $37.95.

Someday by Justin Bieber – $3 Million

Justin’s signature scent, Someday made whooping $3 million in just three weeks after its launch. It has notes of flowers and fruits, notably jasmine, mandarin and berry to mention a few. A bottle of Someday sells at $65

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

11 Natural Perfumes For The Perfect Feminine Scent

Since our skin absorbs about 60% of what we apply the hidden chemicals in perfumes can be irritating or even harmful to our long term health.

Whereas natural perfumes are made without synthetic chemicals, are cruelty and gluten free. These are the best natural perfumes for less asking price, we have found for you, which you can even test and try to see what works best for you.


LURK makes absolutely amazing perfumes using sustainably sourced ingredients in beautiful eco-friendly packaging. They use triple distilled USDA-organic cane alcohol infusing a blend of essential oils with organic jojoba oil for a balanced and fresh fragrance. 


PHLUR uses only responsibly sourced ingredients and even use recycled glass in their gorgeous packaging. Its scents include the floral siano, spicy Moab and decadent with hints of pepper and clove.

Pour le Monde

Products used by Pour le Monde are certified by Natural Products Association, FSC certified, vegan and cruelty free. Three of their scents are made with Florida grapefruit and Italian bergamot and helps you make a statement. 

IME Natural Perfumes

Uses 100% natural ingredients and each of its scents is designed to bring out the subtle qualities and has its own unique personality. It is also certified 100% natural from the natural perfumers’ guild & from safe cosmetics Australia certified toxin free. 


It helps in smelling best without irritating and harsh chemicals. Lavanila fragrances are packed with vitamins, natural oils and antioxidants that are non-toxic and safe. They infuse oils and organic sugarcane alcohol in packaging that simple yet stunning.


Skylar creates clean and modern fragrances from safe ingredients remaining all vegan and cruelty free. It uses 80% natural ingredients with remaining 20% being non-allergic synthetic ingredients.

By Rosie Jane

It is handcrafted in small batches using organic and natural ingredients. Its fragrances range from alluring notes of gardenia & fig to subtle notes of jasmine.


Givescent is not just alcohol free but is free of any phthalates, sulfates and parabens as well. Its 3 scents are full of enchanting aromas – a blend of lemon & bergamot, mint inspired by citrus trees and a mix of musk reminiscent of the beach and amber and sun ripened citrus with spicy vanilla.

Love, Sylvie

Every three months Sylvie releases a set of 3 scents that can be worn on their own or layered for your own personal signature fragrance. The perfumes made by the brand are vegan and cruelty free and are travel friendly. 

One Seed

One Seed creates complex fragrances for an unforgettable experience. They use 80% organic ingredients. Ranging from floral to woodsy they have highly concentrated fragrances.

Providence Perfume

Most high quality ingredients from botanicals around the world are used by Providence Perfume. Pure vanilla, rose essence & Jasmine are their main ingredients for intoxicating fragrances that are sure to turn heads.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Best Summer Perfumes For Women 2019 Edition

As summer reaches, we all start preparing for it. We start taking out sun dresses, shorts and tank tops. As soon as it comes we put those huge jackets away and transform ourselves into a new look. So while we are changing everything don’t you think we should also have some signature fragrances for this warm season?

Well no need to worry and look further as we have listed down some highly recommended branded fragrances for the summer that you would want to totally spritz all over your body.

Tom Ford - Tobacco Oud EDP Spray

It has precious oud wood resin and smoking aromatic tobacco. A perfect blend of herbs, flowers and spice-laden tobacco. Ideal perfume for a day out in sun!

Jo Malone London - Wood Sage & Sea Salt EDC 100ml Spray

It is no wonder that Jo Malone has been added in this list. This cologne reminds of salty waves of marine life and includes hints of sage, sea salt, red algae, ambrette seed and grapefruit, bringing to mind damp beaches and driftwood. The intention was to create a feeling of escape and there is no doubt that this fragrance delivered.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium F EDT Spray

Delve into the world of imagination with this spicy oriental giving harmony for extreme sensuality. It is a trip to the unknown, a gate to a fantasy world, a mysterious and full of sensations scent. 

Acqua Di Parma Colonia Assoluta EDC Spray 

Colonia Assoluta is the contemporary interpretation of the classic fragrance Colonia. A modern interpretation of the freshness, which enriched the original “Colonia” composition with spicy and floral notes.

Tom Ford  Mandarino Di Amalfi EDP Spray

Mandarino di Amalfi captures the tranquil & unique idyll of the Amalfi Coast in this tangerine fragrance. The aroma of fresh citrus fruits blows around and invigorates the senses, the evening comes with a warm breeze and a touch of night blooming notes. The air smells of mint, thyme and wildflowers.

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison Spray

Hypnotic Poison, designed by Christian Dior is a luxurious, woody, oriental fragrance. It's provocative & bewitching scent makes Hypnotic Poison a sensual choice for evening wear.

Issey Miyake - L'Eau D'Issey Summer EDT Spray

Issey Miyake is a shimmering summer fragrance inviting a tropical succulence within a juicy selection of fruity notes.

Davidoff Cool Water Caribbean Summer Edition 2018 EDT Spray

Davidoff Cool Water Caribbean is the perfect cologne to wear for any occasion, especially when you want to escape to turquoise waters and warm, sandy beaches.
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