Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Apply Fragrance

Who doesn't like to smell good all the time? After all, it is a mantra to attract people. Every time we buy perfume or cologne, we expect it to smell good and be long-lasting. But have you ever given it a thought that a little more skill and tactfulness in wearing perfume can help your fragrance last longer? 

Let us understand what skills are required in wearing and buying a perfect perfume. These few adaptations can help you embark on the right olfactory journey.

1. Do not Rub, Just Spray

A habit that we have learnt unconsciously from our parents and grandparents, of spritzing perfume on wrists and then rubbing them together before reaching to the neck, is a bad habit. Scientifically, when we rub our wrists together, friction is generated. The friction heats the skin due to which natural catalysts are produced.

These natural catalysts regulate chemical reactions that change the composition of the perfume, influencing the top and middle notes of the fragrance. It dries down the fragrance, eliminating the ability to provide fragrance for a long time.

Therefore, to preserve the originality and fragrance of your perfume, spritz the perfume a little on the wrist and let the skin absorb it and do not rub it. This will also ensure that the fragrance lasts longer.

2. Rules for storing your perfume

Perfumes are a mixture of too many essential oils that are blended to create an infinite number of variations. These are extremely sensitive to environmental changes. Keeping a perfume in humid conditions or exposing it to harsh light can create unpredictable and unwanted chemical stimulation within the natural and synthetic ingredients present in it, changing its chemical composition.

Therefore, it is advisable to store the perfume bottles in dry, cool and dark places. This will ensure that the fragrance, freshness and colour of the scent remain the same.

Another important conceptual fact about perfumes is that they should be used at a faster pace. This is because if the bottle is kept half used, it allows oxygen to occupy that space. When kept for a longer time the oxygen alters the composition of the fragrance. Hence, buy small packages so that your precious designer perfumes don't go waste.

3. The rule for long-lasting fragrance

At times it is confusing where to apply and how to apply perfume to make the most out of it. Applying or spritzing perfume on a dry skin does not last long. However, it is suggested to use unscented body location so that it does its work of moisturising without hindering the fragrance of scent.

Apart from this, for applying perfume target pulse points such as neck, wrists, behind ears etc are preferred. During summers when the climate is extremely hot, try not to apply scent on the skin instead, spritz some on your hair, scarf or clothes because when they move or come in contact with air, the fragrance diffuses whereas if applied on the skin, your sweat will destroy the smell of perfume at a faster rate.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

How To Find The Perfect Home Fragrance Based On Your Interior Design

A pleasant fragrance infuses positivity in the atmosphere of your home. A perfect fragrance enhances the mood by providing a soothing and calming effect that helps in relaxing your mind.

There are numerous tools of spreading fragrances such as diffusers, candles that use oil-based fragrance and sprays that have water-based fragrances.


Diffusers use oil-based fragrances. They use essential oil for spreading aroma. Diffusers also have types.

1. Evaporative diffusers use reeds or scent beads to spread fragrance around the space, just pop the reeds in the fragrance jar and let them spread delightful smells in the air.

2. Heat diffusers rely on heat candles for distributing fragrance. The candle heats up the essential oil and spread it through space.

3. Ultrasonic diffusers use water to spread scent in the form of mist.


These are used in rooms as they distribute scent as far as diffusers do. Neither they use a concept of open flame and hence are not unsafe. Candles are used as an accessory for creating an uplifting mood and ambience.


These are used for faster fragrance fix, they dissipate shortly after spritzing. Sprays are the perfect choice for quickly covering up odours in bathrooms, kitchens, and closets. Buy Designer Perfumes of your choice, a quick fix for all your odour related issues.

How do you pick the right fragrance for your home? Have you ever thought of choosing a perfect fragrance for your home based on your interior design?

Keep reading to buy a perfect fragrance for your home! We have brought to you some basic tips for choosing home aroma.

1. Considering Personal taste

The interior of your home depicts your personality and taste. Therefore, choose a fragrance that suits your taste best. This will help you in creating a balance between the aroma and interiors of your house.

2. Avoid Taking too many Opinions

There is a saying too many cooks spoil the broth. Likewise, too many opinions can be toxic sometimes. Therefore choose a fragrance that has your personal touch (depending on an individual’s personal preference) and functional (that can overpower other smells).

Note: Avoid using sharp and eccentric scents, especially if there are people of different ages in your family.

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Thursday, 9 July 2020

The Making Of A Perfume

Since ancient times humans have attempted to mask or enhance their own odour by using fragrances.  The mixing of fragrances of essential oils, fixatives and solvents make agreeable scents that are used for different purposes. Many manmade and natural ingredients have been used to make scents that can be applied to the skin.

In ancient times perfumes were made by extracting natural oils from plants through pressing and steaming. The oils were then burned to prepare scent. This helps them to get rid of unpleasant smell. Fragrances used for the body are often considered perfumes, and a true perfume is defined as extract or essence and contains a percentage of distilled oil in alcohol. It also has some percentage of water in it.

The Making of Perfume

The precise formulas of commercial perfumes are kept secret. In general, the making of perfume involves several ingredients, extracting oils, blending, ageing and quality control. The ingredients may include various plants, fruits, woods and other sources like alcohol coal, tars and petrochemicals.
Today, perfumes are made using synthetic chemicals. Often scents that occur naturally are reproduced synthetically rather than sourced and extracted. Due to which cost of the perfume reduces and these low-cost perfumes are easily available in the market.

The importance of perfumes has been around since ancient times and has been valuable for a multitude of purposes, including emotion, memory, creativity and relationships. Perfumes can boost human emotional state and physical arousal. Perfume manufacturing has come a long way but many of the extraction methods remain tedious. The introduction of synthetic chemicals has made the process a bit faster and more affordable, allowing such cheap fragrances to be a part of mainstream practice.

One cannot expect such a seemingly simple product to be so complex. Every time you try a perfume you find a new fragrance and you end up thinking - what it took to create that perfume.

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Monday, 15 June 2020

Choosing a Bridal Fragrance for Your Virtual Wedding

Hola Fragrance Aesthetes!

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 people are facing tough times and dire circumstances but that certainly can’t stop us from living. Yes, amid the trying times, couples are not hesitant in getting married and tying the knot. Fellas, likewise other significant details, bridal fragrance shopping is considered equally important.

The wedding day is unquestionably one of the most special days in anyone’s life. Be it a confidential or intimate wedding, or a gala bash with coveted guests. Your scent has to be undisputedly specific and astounding.

With the help of this post, we endeavour to provide you with some helpful hints for making the perfect choice for the big day.

Whenever you catch the whiff of that perfect fragrance, it should immediately recall you of your big day, isn't’ it? But the question here is; how do you go about choosing a fragrance from all the beautiful fancy bottles available online for your big day?

That’s quite challenging! It's quite a task to choose everything to match your style and taste that will entice you. But it's always good to choose your fragrance with your specific taste in mind.

So, we have something good to read for you. Stay tuned till the end.

  • Just as you opted for that lovely wedding dress as per your taste, it is advised that you must pick your fragrance as per your taste.
  • Choose a fragrance that features fresh florals.
  • If you are bold and go-getter bride then go for notes of orange rind, orange blossom, violet, rose, and sandalwood. It is perfectly mesmerizing. Trust me, you can count on these notes.
  • Are you a boho girl the opt for bohemian fragrance.
  • The bride-to-be should opt for a fragrance that she is comfortable with.
  • You can shop for your fragrance as per the liking of your significant other and pick a fragrance you both will cherish, revere and adore forever.
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That’s all about how to pick the fragrance for your special day.

Dear readers, I hope it has been a great read. Until we come up with another post have a great time.

Thanks for reading 😊

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

How to Apply Skin Care Products In The Right Way?

Hello Readers

Most of us have no freaking idea and knowledge about what to do with the skincare products. If you fail to layer your products correctly you could get ineffective results or maybe worse.

Yes, friends, nobody is perfect and no one is born with the innate knowledge of skincare routine order. If you don't know how to do it like a pro, fret not! We got this complete guide for you to up your skincare game a level higher.

So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Things you need to know

Yes, this is all about to up your skin game.

Take a read.

We, women, are possessive about our skincare and wellness regime. You must understand this, the method of application makes a difference to the overall result.

Understand your skin first before rushing over to buying cosmetics. One needs to understand that our skin is a dynamic system which is subject to hydration, environment, temperature, and a few other factors.

Beauty essentials you may need the most                                

A lot of ladies out there are not even sure what to use and what to ditch.

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Serums
  • Eye Cream
  • Spot Treatment
  • Moisturizers
  • Face oil
  • Sunscreen
Ladies, pin it or screenshot it right away and memorize it always.

Here’s how to apply skincare products

Cleanse it

Cleanse your face gently before applying any skin-care products. The perfect time to layer skin care product is just after the cool shower or bath because after shower skin is thoroughly moist and absorbs nicely whatsoever you apply. Remember don’t wipe your skin dry. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face gently, and do a proper massage before rinsing it off. Finish up with some moisturizers, sunscreen, and lotions. 

Folks, it is best suggested to apply the skincare products when your skin is moist to accrue the real benefit.

  • Water should be moderately as well as comfortably warm.
  • Warm skin absorbs ingredients greatly.
  • Do not wash your skin with hot water.
  • Use a moisturising soap, don’t opt for regular soap with no good. Don’t take your skincare maintenance carelessly and leniently.
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Serums consist of concentrated nutrients, antioxidants, hydrators. Vitamin C serum is a great skin booster. You can apply it every morning.

Go for an eye cream that has a roller applicator. Your eye area is extremely sensitive and delicate, so be gentle while applying. No need to be harsh on your skin. You could also go for a retinoid cream for your full face.

Facial Scrub

Facial scrub, when done rightly, can do wonders for your skin.

Note>> Overdoing it may harm your skin and may have serious repercussions on your skin. If done right it is effective, refreshing, and fresh. It should not be used twice in a week. Facial scrub is an ideal solution to remove dead cells and render immaculate finish to dry skin. Poorly maintained skin can be a big turn-off. Do not rub or stretch your skin, apply firm and short strokes of skincare products.

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Once you learn how to do it the right way, applying skincare products will be a bliss.

Smooth out your Lips
Consider applying lip balm, as it will make your lips look smoother and save them from flaking and exfoliation.

Guys hope it has been a great read. Until we unfold another interesting post stay safe, stay healthy and take good care of your skin.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

How to Apply Fragrance Aptly?

Hello Fragrance Connoisseurs!

Fellas perfume may be the best thing to add a touch of class to your outfit. It is perfectly stated, “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable and ultimate accessory." 

Aptly applying a fragrance can brighten up date night with bae and help entice your significant other. The power of applying fragrance is no secret anymore. Guys, however, there are false convictions and mistaken beliefs as to how to apply fragrance. Don’t follow them blindly.

Fortunately, how to apply fragrance in the right manner is easy-peasy and a piece of cake.

If you are all set to shop designer Cheap Perfume Gift Sets then this guide on How to apply fragrance aptly would be helpful. 

So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Most of the peeps just froth a fragrance in the air. Don’t do that at all! By doing this, you are only wasting your expensive fragrance on which you have spent your hard-earned bucks. That’s certainly not fair.

Firstly, find your perfect fragrance 

Guys, Do not merely get enticed by the packaging of a designer fragrance. Check the notes.

 Tip #1 Familiarize yourself with fragrance 

It is important to understand the notes of the cologne you wear. There are three notes-

  1. Top note
  2. Medium base note
  3. End note

Always remember the higher the concentration, the stronger and intense will be the smell and it will last long leaving your admirers mesmerized. Perfume aficionados if you have been eyeing “Designer fragrances" then shop to your heart’s content and pick your favourite scent at Fragrance Cosmetics Perfumes.

Tip #2 Spray fragrance right after taking a great shower. 

Tip #3 Apply your fragrance aptly.

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Ideal areas to spritz fragrance are-

  • Ear
  • Wrist
  • Forearms
  • Chest
  • Shoulders
Folk, be careful while applying. Don’t apply to highly sensitive areas such as neck as it could result in allergy or irritation.

Umm, spraying on your clothes is a perfect idea and it is completely optional. Yes, get your coveted fragrance detected when you’re around, you could even opt for intense womens fragrance gift set to smell powerful and confident.

Hope it has been a fragrance-filled read 😊

Friday, 3 April 2020

Fragrance for your Every Mood

Fragrance shopping is overwhelming with myriad fragrances available online as well as offline. Not merely there are numerous scents available, there also an array of concentrations on offer in the market.

A squirt of the right fragrance could lift your mood, and power your confidence. Guys, it is aptly stated, “Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvellous.”

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Stays tuned till the end and keep your senses indulged.

We have narrowed down fragrance options for you.

Read on Fragrance Connoisseurs-

Christian Dior - Joy EDP 90ml Spray For Women

This tantalizing fragrance is an ode to pleasure and life. If you are on the quest for perfume gift sets for her then it is the best gift to woo your significant other. It is sprightly, vigorous, aromatic and incontestably glamorous.

Balenciaga - B. Balenciaga Intense

You are an all-round woman who does it all and you deserve a scent that keeps you bustling and lively throughout your hectic day. This ultimate fragrance is curated for bold, strong and powerful women out there. Gift your lady love this raw feminine and intense fragrance wrapped in a pretty pink bottle with black details that is accentuating its charm a level higher.

Dolce And Gabbana - Light Blue Intense EDP 25ml Spray For Women

Fragrance aesthete! If you are looking for something that says reflects your personality, then lay your hands on this exquisite fragrance. Drawing its charm from notes of lemon and crisp green apple, something is enticing about this floral blend of marigold and jasmine sun-kissed scent.

Girl if you are a Dolce and Gabanna fan then make a pick. 

How to Pick a Fragrance to Match Your Mood?

Firstly, shop for your fragrance from a store that has myriad variety and classic selection. Get the fragrance that makes you feel that every day is a Fri-day. Pick a fragrance that has long-lasting and refreshing vibes not OTT and irksome. Simple yet sophisticated would woo everyone who crosses your path. 

Fragrance Cosmetics Perfumes stocks the best women's fragrance gift sets.

Found the right fragrance for your mood? Shop the fragrance at Fragrance Cosmetic Perfumes and update your scent collection. Also, explore the best in stock Men's Perfume Gift Set.

I hope it has been an ah-ma-zing read!
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