Monday, 22 September 2014

Top 10 Perfumes for Summer 2014

The time has come when you must change your perfume bottle with the season’s best one. Everybody likes to be smell good and when it comes to summer, it becomes important for you to pick the best perfume for yourself. Don’t know which one would be perfect for you? Here is the list of top 10 perfumes of 2014. Kindly share your views with us and do let us know if we have forgotten to include the perfume you like most in the summers.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to choose the right fragrance for the occasion?

Perfumes or fragrances make an integral part of one’s dressing up. There are perfumes for males and females separately, though now unisex perfumes are also available in the market. Many people use fragrances on regular basis. However, when you need to purchase a fragrance for a particular event or occasion, certain things have to be kept in mind. The time of the event or occasion is a very important thing. Fragrances will depend on the time of the day when the event is being held. Along with the time, the occasion must also be kept in mind. All fragrances are not suitable in all events. Also choose the fragrance as per your personality traits as perfumes speak a lot about your personality. 

Here are some kinds of popular fragrances in the market used in various occasions:

·        For occasions like weddings, parties, anniversaries and other social events
It is natural that events like weddings, parties and anniversaries reflect joy and happiness. People wear the best of dresses and adorn the best accessories to look beautiful. Bright and floral perfumes are perfect for such occasions. Ingredients like cherry blossom, lavender, sandalwood, rose, jasmine etc are high in demands for such occasions. People who like little subdued smell can choose white musk. Heavy floral fragrances are great for evening parties. These include gardenia, black orchid and cassia. 

·        Holidays and outings

Leaving for holidays or outings? Choose a perfect fragrance for the same so that you smell great throughout our holiday. Usually a warm and deep perfume is suitable for such events. Wood based and spice based perfumes like perfumes with essence of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, sandalwood are very popular with people. Apart from these, many people also like the fresh fragrance of musk or cologne for their outings and holidays. 

·        Formal occasions 

While selecting perfumes for formal occasions like office meetings, seminars, or official parties, be careful that you do not overdo things. The perfume that you wear for such formal occasions should offer a sense of depth and dignity. Fragrances with hints of musk, spice or wood are great choices. Usually the ambience of formal occasions is refined and sophisticated. Sandalwood and rosewood are hot favorites in this category. It is strictly recommended to avoid perfumes with an overtly floral or sweet fragrance as they are gravely no-no for such occasions. 

·        Family or friend get-together

Get-together with family or friends are personal events. However, it is important that you smell good. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the perfumes that can be used in these occasions. Many people opine that if you are trying to test a new perfume, try them in such events. It is also quite interesting to see that some perfumes help in relating to a particular personality. In case of experimenting with perfumes, the younger generation might try something bold and fresh fragrance, while older people will settle for something sublime. 

Innumerable brands of perfumes available in the market

You will be surely spoilt for choices when you go to the market for purchasing perfumes and fragrances. There are locally made perfumes as well as international brands that manufacture fragrances. Designer perfumes are also high in demands with people though they are pretty expensive. Perfume stores provide the opportunity of testing the perfumes before you make the final choice. Sometimes attractive discounts are also offered on the fragrances to bring them within affordable range.
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