Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Power of Perfume

When you think of the word perfume there will usually be two things that pop into your head; a perfume bottle and a memory.
The bottle is probably the one you used that morning and the memory is the story behind the fragrance.

It all began in ancient Egypt in 3000 BC with the art of perfumery which was later further developed and refined by the Romans and Arabs.

In the 14th century, Queen Elizabeth of Hungary brought the first alcohol-based perfume named Hungary Water to Europe where it remained popular for many centuries until eau de cologne appeared in the 18th century. Today on the market are perfume, eau de cologne, and eau de toilette and eau de parfum.

-Perfume is the most expensive version of any fragrance, and it is also the most beautiful because of the whole symphony of top, heart and base notes being released over a period of time.

-Eau de parfum is popular for spraying on hair and clothes due to the heart (middle) notes of the perfume becoming more noticeable after the top notes have died away.

-Eau de toilette contains around 10% of aromatic essence and when the top notes are released, the scent is quite dominant and refreshing.

-Eau de Cologne is at the bottom of the range as it contains just 7% essence dissolved in alcohol. It is another refreshing fragrance that can be reapplied throughout the day and is marketed in large sizes for this purpose.

There are many different reasons why women wear perfume.  The top answer is usually is “to smell good”, and we all like to smell good. Because when we smell good, we feel good. Research compiled over the years suggests women can feel more feminine and confident with a splash of their favourite fragrance. Others wear a fragrance or two for themselves because they feel beautiful, and some wear perfume for a significant other, or in the hope of impressing a potential love interest.

Perfumes and their fragrances can evoke some deep rooted memories. A waft of another woman’s perfume can take you right back to the time when you snuck into your grandmother’s bedroom as a curious child. Or coming in from school and knowing mum was home thanks to her favourite perfume filling the air around you. You’d follow the scent to find her. Or remembering that time when you and a female relative sat cuddling together on the sofa reading your favourite book.

That is the power of perfume.

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