Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Makeup Ideas for Easter Night Weekend Night Party

Easter is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Christians globally. From the day of crucifixion of Jesus Christ till the resurrection, Easter is celebrated over a period of almost 3 days. Basically the celebrations are done on the day of resurrection, which is a Sunday and popularly known as Eater Sunday. Innumerable Easter parties are thrown on the occasion and goodies like Easter eggs, hot cross buns and Easter bunnies are made. Some of the Easter parties are done on a large and lavish scale and many guests are invited to the same. 

Day time Easter party
Usually parties are hosted at night, but Easter parties are generally day affairs. Whether you are invited to the church or going to meet a special friend or attending a day time Easter party, it is important that you choose the right dress and makeup for the occasion. The makeup for such parties should not be very loud, but should be vibrant and eye catching at the same time. Highlighting special features of the face help in such parties. And this includes the eyes and lips in particular. Easter parties will obviously be summer parties and therefore everything should be in lighter shades (this does not mean the makeup and costume will be dull).

Easter night weekend party
The trend of Easter parties is changing for many people. This is because many people feel night parties to be preferred over day time parties. It is obvious that make up and costume for night time Easter parties will be different from day parties. If you are fond of soft pastel shades and nudes for your makeup, you can use the same for Easter night party with a twist. A dash of shimmer and glitter here and there can add a spark to the look greatly. This is applicable for eye makeup as well as lip make up. Just ensure that the makeup that you do remains in sync with the costume that you intend to wear to the Easter night weekend party. 

Eye makeup and lip makeup for Easter night party
Whether you are looking for lip makeup and eye makeup, it is recommended to use the best brands of products. For eyes, you can choose from different shades of eye shadows and eye liners to highlight them. For instance, choose pastel shades for the eye shadow and add a shimmering eye liner to give a perfect look to the eyes. For the lips, you can use not-so-dark color shade with appropriate lip liner. Add a dash of shimmer to make an impact in the party. On the whole, the tone of makeup should be subtle, but with some highlighting which is eyeball grabbing. 

Purchasing makeup products from right places
It is always recommended to use high quality cosmetic products for face, eyes or lips or other body parts. It is true that these products are pretty expensive, but there are trusted sites from where you can purchase branded cosmetics for less. Now there are many online stores from where you can buy designer perfumes for less. Choose the right online store which sells authentic cosmetic products at low rates. Browse through wide array of products online and select the ones you like. Read through product descriptions and exchange policy of the online store before purchasing the product from there.

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