Thursday, 28 July 2016

How To Make Your Fragrance Long Lasting

Having one branded classy perfume or a signature perfume adds to the ambiance your very presence. It is something that people recalls you for, and of course a powerful impression to mark your presence. But yes, going wrong with perfumes may make your presence disastrous. So guys, bring in your sagacious mind while you opt for fragrances. Just one trace of that scent will take your mind back to a particular place, person, moment and you get hooked back to the immense memories flowing in. There are many cheap branded perfumes online that offers great deals to bewitch the customers. However, even the best of perfumes at times do not fill in the space to last longer.

Let’s unveil some guidelines to make your perfume last longer and better:

1. Moisturize Your Skin:
If you are of that sort who are already blessed with a moisturized skin---yes, you are lucky. A perfume that stays longer needs a moisturized skin. If you have dry skin, look for options wherein your scent comes in lotion form or if that doesn’t work, apply an unscented lotion on damp skin and spray in perfume.

2. Make Sure You Apply To Pulse Points:
In the zest of getting ready in full rush, people generally spray perfumes unevenly. Well, you should know heat is something that plays  the role in activating perfume. For this matter, the pulse points in your body are good areas to apply the perfume due to the warmth of your blood. The pulse points are located behind your ears, at the bottom of your throat, on your wrist, inside your elbow, and behind your knee.

3. There Is No Point of Rubbing The Fragrance:
Generally it is found that some people after applying the perfume on the skin finds the need to rub it on with a vision to warm the skin or spread the scent. It must come to your conscious that it is a big mistake!! Rubbing the fragrance simply breaks the molecules and let it fade away.

4. Store IT Right:
You must know that keeping your perfume in direct contact of light, heat and humidity is not a good sign for your expensive fragrance. This may reduce the fragrance of the perfume breaking down the compounds in the perfume. Make sure you keep your expensive perfumes out of the bathrooms as the heat generated after bath and showers may affect the fragrance.

5. Always Apply Perfume Before Dressing:
A perfume is always effective when it is in contact with the skin rather than the clothes. On the worst side, it may damage or stain some fabrics even. So, make sure you go ahead and apply before you are dressing up. It counts and let it stay longer.
Isn't it a great way to make it lasting all day long?

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