Monday, 12 August 2019

Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Perfume Brands

Since Elizabeth Taylor came up with her own perfume brand, White Diamonds in 1991, general reception to perfumes has been quite positive by celebrities. The soaring trend of making a lot of money by actors and actresses through their own line of perfumes proves that the fragrance industry is more than just a platform where celebrities can branch out. It is a profitable side business all by itself. So, here are the 10 most successful branded fragrances.

Heat by Beyonce – $400 Million

Sophisticated, classy and elegant are some of the positive attributes of Beyonce as a woman and she combined all three traits in her signature perfume, Heat. Hints of magnolia, peach and orchid along with the notes of honeysuckle, almond macaroon, amber and milkwood invades your olfactory senses. Its price is $59 per bottle and its demand eventually rose.

Glow by JLo – $300 Million

Jennifer Lopez entered the fragrance industry in 2004 with Glow and marked $300 million in one year. With hints of jasmine, orange, iris, grapefruit, musk and vanilla, Glow boasts an exotic fragrance that is both appealing and desirable. It is sold at $58 retail price.

Curious by Britney Spears – $100 Million

Curious by Britney Spears managed to bag $100 million within five weeks of its launch in 2004. Even after more than a decade it is one of the most popular fragrances. Curious has hints of pear, magnolia, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood and musk and its Price is set at $49.50 per bottle.

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna – $80 Million

Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna was launched in 2011. It boasts an aromatic and delicate combination of peach, plum, hibiscus, tuberose and violet. Each bottle of this scent is sold at $59.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor – $61.3 Million

Elizabeth Taylor’s signature perfume, White Diamonds was launched in 1991 and has been favourite among several women till today. It has notes of narcisse, lilies and gardenia and is truly a classic scent. It is sold $68 per bottle.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson – $18 Million

Jessica Simpson’s perfume venture has been more fruitful than her acting and music endeavour. Her signature perfume, Fancy was launched in 2008. It bursts with the notes of jasmine, pear, caramel, apricot nectar, almonds and sandalwood. Its price is $59 per bottle.

Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani – $18 Million

With Harajuku, Gwen Stefani crossed over from music to the perfume business successfully. The collection is comprised of five different scents, with four dedicated to her Harajuku characters in Japan and one designed to be an individual expression for Gwen. Each bottle is sold at $45 retail price.

Unforgivable by Sean John – 17.2 Million

The masculine scent by Sean John’s cologne possesses notes of juniper, bergamot, lemon, sage, clary, sandalwood, amber and rum. A woman version of the Unforgivable is available too. It is sold at $78.

Antonio by Antonio Banderas – $13.4 Million

Most popular scent by Antonio Banderas contains essense of nutmeg, bergamot, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, mint and thyme. It is highly popular among males and its each bottle is sold at $37.95.

Someday by Justin Bieber – $3 Million

Justin’s signature scent, Someday made whooping $3 million in just three weeks after its launch. It has notes of flowers and fruits, notably jasmine, mandarin and berry to mention a few. A bottle of Someday sells at $65
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