Thursday, 17 September 2020

How to Apply Fragrance

Who doesn't like to smell good all the time? After all, it is a mantra to attract people. Every time we buy perfume or cologne, we expect it to smell good and be long-lasting. But have you ever given it a thought that a little more skill and tactfulness in wearing perfume can help your fragrance last longer? 

Let us understand what skills are required in wearing and buying a perfect perfume. These few adaptations can help you embark on the right olfactory journey.

1. Do not Rub, Just Spray

A habit that we have learnt unconsciously from our parents and grandparents, of spritzing perfume on wrists and then rubbing them together before reaching to the neck, is a bad habit. Scientifically, when we rub our wrists together, friction is generated. The friction heats the skin due to which natural catalysts are produced.

These natural catalysts regulate chemical reactions that change the composition of the perfume, influencing the top and middle notes of the fragrance. It dries down the fragrance, eliminating the ability to provide fragrance for a long time.

Therefore, to preserve the originality and fragrance of your perfume, spritz the perfume a little on the wrist and let the skin absorb it and do not rub it. This will also ensure that the fragrance lasts longer.

2. Rules for storing your perfume

Perfumes are a mixture of too many essential oils that are blended to create an infinite number of variations. These are extremely sensitive to environmental changes. Keeping a perfume in humid conditions or exposing it to harsh light can create unpredictable and unwanted chemical stimulation within the natural and synthetic ingredients present in it, changing its chemical composition.

Therefore, it is advisable to store the perfume bottles in dry, cool and dark places. This will ensure that the fragrance, freshness and colour of the scent remain the same.

Another important conceptual fact about perfumes is that they should be used at a faster pace. This is because if the bottle is kept half used, it allows oxygen to occupy that space. When kept for a longer time the oxygen alters the composition of the fragrance. Hence, buy small packages so that your precious designer perfumes don't go waste.

3. The rule for long-lasting fragrance

At times it is confusing where to apply and how to apply perfume to make the most out of it. Applying or spritzing perfume on a dry skin does not last long. However, it is suggested to use unscented body location so that it does its work of moisturising without hindering the fragrance of scent.

Apart from this, for applying perfume target pulse points such as neck, wrists, behind ears etc are preferred. During summers when the climate is extremely hot, try not to apply scent on the skin instead, spritz some on your hair, scarf or clothes because when they move or come in contact with air, the fragrance diffuses whereas if applied on the skin, your sweat will destroy the smell of perfume at a faster rate.

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