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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

9 Most Used Calvin Klein (CK) Fragrances for Women

While getting ready for a special event or occasion, you might wear the best of dress and jewellery and other accessories. But with all this, it is important to smell good as well. And for this, you need to wear the right kind of fragrance. There are wide varieties of fragrances for women manufactured by leading designer brands. The fragrances have varying perfume tones and notes. Among the different designer brands, Calvin Klein is a well-known name.

Mentioned below are 9 most used Calvin Klein (CK) designer women's fragrances:

9 Most Used Calvin Klein (CK) Fragrances for Women

1. Calvin Klein (CK) - Eternity F EDP Spray Fragrance:

1. Calvin Klein (CK) Eternity F EDP Spray Fragrance

This fragrance by CK has alluring and lingering fragrance. The perfume contains blend of light fruit notes, fresh cut grass along with a strong background of demure musk, while flowers and sandalwood. Overall the refreshing fragrance for women of today.

2. Calvin Klein (CK) - Secret Obsession Femme EDP Spray Fragrance:

Calvin Klein (CK) Secret Obsession Femme EDP Spray Fragrance

The packing of the fragrance by CK is highly enticing. The perfume contains a sultry infusion of exotic flowers along with pleasantly intoxicating woody undertones. The addictive notes come from Egyptian jasmine, rose de damas and burnt amber.

3. Calvin Klein (CK) - Obsession F EDP Spray Fragrance:

Calvin Klein (CK) Obsession F EDP Spray Fragrance

This designer perfume from the house of Calvin Klein has many layered fragrances. It opens with bergamot, green notes and mandarin followed by a spicy note of orange blossom, jasmine, basil and coriander along with some floral punches. To make the fragrance seductive, intimate and lasting, a rich base is created with amber, sandalwood, incense, musk and vetiver. Hence the end note is ambery and woody.

4. Calvin Klein (CK) - Euphoria F EDP Spray Fragrance:

Calvin Klein (CK) Euphoria F EDP Spray Fragrance

This designer fragrance comes in a highly stylish bottle. The fragrance was launched in 2005 and contains exotic fruity fragrance. There is a top note of pomegranate; floral heart note with exotic orchid and lotus and base notes of violet, musk, mahogany and amber.

5. Calvin Klein (CK) - Escape F EDP Fragrance:

Calvin Klein (CK) Escape F EDP Fragrance

If you are a woman who is passionate as well as romantic, you are sure to like this fruity-floral perfume. The top notes in the perfume are from apple, coriander, mandarin, chamomile and ylang-ylang. The middle or heart notes are from marigold, carnation, plum, peach and rose. The base notes are sandalwood, oakmoss, musk and vetiver.

6. Calvin Klein (CK) - Truth F EDP Spray Fragrance:

This sleek perfume bottle looks extremely stylish. The perfume has a refreshing, woody and oriental fragrance. The natural blend of rich woods brings out different kinds of smells on different skin types. This perfume works wonderfully as daytime fragrance.

7. Calvin Klein (CK) – One Summer 2016 U EDT:

Calvin Klein (CK) One Summer 2016 U EDT

An ideal summer perfume, this is not an exclusive perfume for the fairer sex only. It has an exotic fragrance, which is refreshing as well as different. With initial flavors of Mojito accord and lemon, the heart notes are of juicy guava followed by base notes of Cedar, the jungle dessert. The bottle as well as the packaging has palm trees drawn on them.

8. Calvin Klein (CK) - Forbidden Euphoria F EDP Spray Fragrance:

Calvin Klein (CK) Forbidden Euphoria F EDP Spray Fragrance

Create an everlasting impression with this seductive fragrance. The top notes are with the forbidden fruit, passion fruit, mandarin and touches of iced raspberry. The central notes contain hypnotic effects of pink pepny, tiger orchid and jasmine. For the base notes, there are layers of absolute patchouli along with blends of cashmere woods and skin musk.

9. Calvin Klein - Downtown Set F EDP Fragrance:

Calvin Klein Downtown Set F EDP Fragrance

This CK fragrance has strong smell and it is evident from all the layers in the perfume. The top note consists of bergamot, green pear, Tunisian neroli, Italian cedrat and watery plum. The middle notes contain violet leaf, pink peppercorn and gardenia petals. The last base notes are made of incense, velvet musk, vetiver and Texan cedarwood.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Our Current Top 5 Picks of Fragrances for Him

Last month we put together our Top 5 Picks of Fragrances for Her, so this month we have picked out the top Fragrances for Him.

                                                                             CK Shock by Calvin Klein

This masculine fragrance for Him was launched in 2011, and has been a popular choice ever since. The CK Shock man’s energy is addictive. With Clementine, purple lavender and cucumber as top notes, the wearer will create waves wherever he goes. The sleek black bottle with green font ensures it stands out from the crowd.

                                                                              Extreme by Paul Smith

Launched in 2003, Extreme was created by Olivier Pescheux and Marie-Aude Couture-Bluche as a woody aromatic fragranced for men. The top notes of lemon and bergamot radiates well and the trademark stripe packaging makes it instantly recognisable.

                                                                            Big Pony 4 by Ralph Lauren

In 2010, Collection Big Pony by Ralph Lauren was introduced and counts 4 new perfumes. Each gives Him the choice to express one or all of his moods. #4 has an energising boost that layers mandarin and kyarawood for a one-of-a-kind stylish edge.

                                                                        Silver Shadow Altitude by Davidoff

Swiss-Ukrainian entrepreneur Zino Davidoff took over his father’s business in 1930 and led it to success, manufacturing exclusive timepieces, prestige fragrances and eyewear for clientele. Silver Shadow Altitude with a blend of spicy and hesperidic notes was launched in 2007 with Jean Jacques as the nose behind the fragrance. It opens on a burst of freshness courtesy of juniper berry grapefruit and green pepper leading to a spicy heart composed of cumin curcuma cardamom lovage and white cedar.

                                                                             Terre D’ Hermès by Hermès

Born in 2006, Terre d’Hermès is dominated by cedar, allowing the fragrance to go deeper with the sweetness of resins and impalpable voluptuousness of benzoin. Earthy, aromatic and spicy, it’s known for simply being a masterpiece.

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