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Thursday, 17 July 2014

A Guide To Celebrity Fragrances

Beating its closest competitors, Sam Faiers’ debut scent has topped the list of celebrity fragrance in just three weeks.

In the honor of this electrifying news, here we are sharing the timeline of celebrity fragrances which are ruling over the heart of buyers for years. In this list we have included the new ones as well.

Hollywood action heroes, stars who made millions through their line of perfume products and fashion icons who failed to make it big, all are here, check them out:

Pharrell Williams

New boy in the town, latest star that has launched his debut scent Girl (named after his album).

Ashley Roberts

Former Pussycat doll launched her debut scent named Ashley featuring floral notes of orange blossoms and rose honey.

Elizabeth Taylor

One of the original and bestselling celebrity fragrances launched in 1991, still after twenty three years of its launch, its global sales are setting new records.

David and Victoria Beckham

No doubt they are making good cash in this game. Till now they have launched 23 fragrances.

Jennifer Lopez

Launched her firs scent Glow in 2002; at the time she said that she wanted Glow to be fresh and clean but still sensual.

Britney Spears

Midnight fantasy, Believe and Cosmic radiance are this pop star’s fragrance. Her first perfume, Curious, was a big hit.

Christina Aguilera

Christina launched her fragrance in 2009 with a tantalizing stripped down ad campaign.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sex and the city star Jessica launched her first fragrance, Lovely, in 2005.

Bruce Willis

Die hard superstar Bruce Willis joined the celebrity perfume bandwagon in 2010. 

Lady Gaga

She launched her debut fragrance, Lady Gaga’s Fame, in 2012.

Taylor Swift

She teamed up with Elizabeth Arden in 2011 and launched her first fragrance. Wonderstruck, Wonderstruck Enchanted and Taylor are her fragrances.


Truth and Dare was her first ever fragrance. Timeless yet Contemporary, simultaneously dark and light, as described about her signature floral fragrance.

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