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Friday, 26 August 2016

Some Facts about the Make-Up Industry You Did Not Know

Applying makeup is something that is common with women. While some women use it on regular basis, some of them use makeup while attending parties and functions. There are innumerable cosmetic brands that are manufacturing high quality cosmetic and makeup products for customers globally. Infact with coming of e-commerce, you can get high quality cheap cosmetics online as well. You might be using various kinds of makeup products, but have you ever tried to know about history of makeup industry? Or even better, do you know about some of the most interesting facts about this industry?

Read on to find some truly fascinating and interesting facts about the makeup industry:

It is among the oldest industries in the world
You might not know but the makeup industry is among the oldest industries in the world. It is believed that Cleopatra and ancient Egyptians used makeup and cosmetics. It dates back to almost 4000 BC. It has been established that Egyptians used kohl for lining their eyes and for making the eyebrows look denser and thicker. They created kohl by mixing cream from sheep fat with antimony, powdered lead and soot.

Almost 900 million lipsticks are sold globally every year
Ask any woman as which makeup item she uses most and most of them will answer ‘lipstick’. Lipsticks are the most widely sold cosmetic and makeup products all across the world. For making red lipstick, Aztecs used beetles. In-fact many believe that lipsticks have magical powers. Today lipsticks are available in hundreds of shades and you can match them with the kind of costume you are wearing. For general purpose nude and neutral shades are widely used.

Perfumes were created by the Egyptians
There is probably no one who does not like perfumes. But did you know who created them? Well, it was created by Egyptians. Along with being used cosmetically, perfumes were also used medically. Cleopatra soaked the sails of her ship in perfume so that people came to know about her arrival. Now different kinds of designer perfumes are available in the market. Individual designers are making exclusive perfumes for their brands.

Nail polish was patented way back in 1919
Did you know that it was in China that the first nail polish was invented way back in 3000BC? But the first patent was in the year 1919 and the color of the nail polish was light pink. Originally in China, an interesting composition was used for making nail polish. Ingredients that were used include egg whites, beeswax, colored powder and gum. You might be surprised to know that neon nail polish is not considered legal in the US.

Makeup industry is among the highest industries economically globally
If the total earnings and revenues of the makeup industry are calculated, it will come to about $200 billion globally. Leading cosmetic brands make millions of dollars with their products every year. They bring in different products to cater to the requirements of the customers. It has been estimated that women spend almost $15000 on cosmetics all throughout their life.

There are many other interesting facts related to the makeup and cosmetic industry. The most surprising thing is that we use makeup products without knowing that they were invented and used decades back. Infact many such products were made for other purposes as well. 
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