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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How to Get Party-Perfect Nails in No Time

Tips on getting party-perfect Nails

Gone are the days when women would remain confined in their homes and have no connection whatsoever with the outer world. Now women go out for work, enjoy in parties, attend office dos and also go for social and cocktail events. Their exposure to the outer world has increased manifold times. And that has definitely given their confidence the most needed boost.

Making preparations for attending social parties and events

To become ready for parties, get together and other social gatherings and events, women start making preparations from quite a while. They keep on planning about the costumes that they will wear at the party, the kind of makeup that they will do, the hairstyle that will suit with the dress and most importantly the accessories that will be in sync with the whole ensemble. All these will help in making one look beautiful and gorgeous and draw eyeballs at the party.

However, one thing that is ignored by many is the nails. Having beautiful, well-maintained nails can make a great impact. Proper nail care helps in reinvigorating the looks and pulls up an ensemble considerably. But for this you will need little time and patience and some preparations as well with proper nail accessories.

Effective tips on getting party-perfect nails in no time at all

·         Protection and pampering for nails–Moisturising hand creams are used commonly by women to keep the hands soft and supple. Along with the hands, the nails also require caring and pampering and protection at the same time. If they are not taken care of they will break, chip, flake or split. Special cuticle oils are available, which have vital nutrients and vitamins for healthy nail growth. There are other treatments available for making the nails robust and strong.

·         Shaping followed by filing–You may have strong nails, but until you file and shape them they will not look beautiful. Instead of the traditional curved nail shape, try the square shape by squaring the sides off. For making the nails look trim and beautiful, remove the dead skin cells from the corners of the nails with the help of a cuticle trimmer.

·         Buffing for better looking nails–When you are preparing your nails for the party, you have to go out of your way to maintain the same. With buffing cracking and splitting of the nails can be avoided and their appearance can be improved as well. Majority of buffers come with different surfaces and the coarseness vary from one another. Use each grade for the buffing one by one and get shiny and glossy finish to the nails.

·         The very important first coat–It is from this point that Nail polish accessories come into picture. Instead of using dark and highly saturated nail polish shades, apply a base coat initially. The dark shades can stain the nails and next time getting the perfect nail style might become difficult. Use a white or a clear nail polish for the base. For a party, apply a striking red shade on the top and let the tip of the nail remain white. It makes a perfect nail art for parties.

·         Using shades that match with the attire for the party–Nail polishes in deep shades and glitter nail tips are ideal for parties. Choose the shade of the nail paint depending upon the costume that you will wear for the party. And make it bold and bright so that it stands out.

Leading cosmetic brands of the world have brilliant nail paints in varying hues and shades. Choose the colours and paint your nails in the best shades!
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