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Monday, 16 June 2014

Our Top 10 Pink Perfumes: The Beautiful You Is The Best You

If you always like to shop pink then how you can forget to add a pink perfume to your unique collection, get it here from our list of “Top 10 Pink Perfumes”.

Being a woman is hard sometimes as you have to always look for outfits and accessories that will complement you the best. Even for the ladies from the fashion industry, it is a toughest job to choose the accessories which will make a style statement.

What Pink color says?

It’s a combination of white and red. White stands for peace and innocence, while red symbolizes passion. People who love pink color are the ones who are friendly and always love to get complements.  

Pink is the symbol of happiness and sometimes it also signifies your strength.

Let’s leave these things apart for now, first go through the list of perfumes:

1. David Beckham - Intimately Her

Intimately Her

The fragrance coveys the essence of Victoria, bearing monogram of Beckham, first feminine fragrance under this brand name.

2. Elizabeth Arden - Pretty Arden

Pretty Arden

Feel pretty everywhere with this floral fragrance. A must have fragrance from the designer house of Elizabeth Arden.

3. Disney – Jasmine


This one is perfect for children and teenagers featuring everyone’s favorite princess- Jasmine.

4. Kylie Minogue - Music Box

Music Box

This fragrance is designed to evoke the sense of surprise and delight. This one is inspired by her childhood love of excitement and surprise that are offered by old music box.

5. Kylie Minogue - Pink Sparkle

Pink Sparkle

Dashing, playful and surprising this fragrance initiates moments and pleasure of life.  Pink and luminous, designed to win hearts!

6. Kate Moss – Lilabelle


Presented for a slightly younger woman this perfume is devoted to girls with the blend of liveliness and modernism.

7. Davidoff - Echo Woman


Sensual yet private, this fragrance contains the notes of grape, raspberry, crystal amber along with white grappa.

8. Paris Hilton - Just Me Just Delightful

Just Me

Energetic, lively and full of confidence this perfume is just perfect for the woman who wants to make a style statement.

9. La Perla - J'aime


Sweeter and darker than the rest ones, a perfect sensation!

10. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur

Sensual, timeless and alluring these are the terms which describe this perfume the best.

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